Adobo Evolution at Adobo Connection

Adobo Connection Adobo Evolution Menu Item and Review

Adobo connection is adobo evolution. I don’t know how they mae it work, but it did, and it tastes good. A lot of sensations to my pallette.
OK – How many different adobos does adobo connection have? Here goes:

1. Traditional Adobo – this is the safest and the all time favorite, available in pork, chicken or beef
2. Adobo sa gata – this is the new how thing!
3. Cheesy adobo – If you think the old traditional adobo is far too plain for you, you are the cheesy type.
4. Mixed Adobo – No really a type, this is still traditional, but you can have pork and shicken in one go.
5. Spicy adobo – not sure if there is such a thing, I thought I saw it on their wall.

Adobo Connection Adobo Evolution

What is not to like about adobo? You can bring it camping and in 1 weekk its still good. You can sauce up you rice and you’ve got the best flavoured rice in the whole world. Chao fan aint got nothing.

Value meal and Combo

You can always mix and match, you can pair with their veggies and you can double up your order. It’s a free country.

From Adobo Connection :
We take pride in offering delicious Filipino food at an everyday-affordable price.


Kanin all you can combo: Php 69, 79, 89, 99, 109 – all niners! Wonder why.
K* values meals – starts at Php 129, max at 159 ( Beef adobo )

Adobo Connection Adobo Evolution Delivery Details

Right Now, Adobo Connection does not do any deliveries, not that I am aware of.


Hen Lin Siomai

Hen Lin Siomai Menu Item and Review

Chowking may be the king of big fast food chain siomai – but Hen Lin is definitely better. Sorry Chowking. I am Sorry. This is just the naked truth. Toe to Toe, you’ll lose to Hen Lin Siomai any given Sunday.
Hen Lin is a very respectable snack chain – they sell good food, good stuff. Nice Iced Tea and nice people. They are not as big, but really really good. Good Siomai. They are not entirely chinese, Hong Kong Style they say. I do no know the difference, I am not good at geography. I am good at eating.

Hen Lin Siomai

Hen Lin siomai is good because They have zero extenders and they actually have real shrimp that you can feel and taste. The texture is good and you can feel chunks of meat and shrimp. Not the mashed filling type. It is a meat ball type. A dumpling should be a meat ball covered with some edible parchment right?

Hen Lin Siomai Value meal and Combo

You have siomai Rice at Php 60 I think, Iced tea will make you pay extra, I usually add another order of siomai to make my lunch worthwhile.

From Hen Lin Siomai :
Hen Lin has been providing quality products for 30 years, and we are still growing. First of all, we would like to extend our appreciation for patronizing our products. If you have not tried any of our products, you can visit any of our more than 200 stores and sample our delectable products.


Php 40 I think …. I usually spend about 120 pesos when I go there – I order siomai rice, plus another siomai set and iced tea.

Hen Lin Siomai Delivery Details

You can find them anywhere – I know of 3 stores near me walking distance. Try to walk out and then pig out on that hong kong dim sum. By the way, try to visit their website, they have that …sarap Hen lin jingle . . Good LSS to have.