Adobo Connection Desserts

Adobo Connection’s Desserts Menu Item and Review

Adobo Connection DessertsAdobo Connection provides you with niceties too – aside form those adobo. They also offer desserts – the filipino style.
Leche Flan, Pandan Jelly and Ice Candy. I still remember going out to the sari sari store and having saved a peso ( or just took one form the table top ) and bought a choco flavored ice candy. It was heaven.
Right now, Adobo Connection is bringing it back. There are also our favorite Banana Toron with Langka that will trully satisfy your cravings. How good it is to remember the good old days while your mother is cooking you with the old fashion merienda. So don’t even think twice. Visit the nearest adobo connection near you.

Adobo Connection’s Desserts

What is not to like about dessert? Even diabetics love it more. After you have pigged out on the adobo and you feel ike there is still something missing in you life. That void will never be filled – until you get some sweeties and then finish your iced tea.
You can choose from the iced candy, that crazy good Pandan Jelly or the old reliable leche flan.

Value meal and Combo

You can combo this on anything – you can also combo all three. Combo this and combo that.

From Adobo Connection :
We take pride in offering delicious Filipino food at an everyday-affordable price.


Pandan Jelly: 39 Php
Leche Flan: 49
Iced Candy: 19

Adobo Connection’s Desserts Delivery Details

Right Now, Adobo Connection does not do any deliveries, not that I am aware of.