Adobo Connection – Kare Kare fast food

Kare Kare Meals at Adobo Connection Menu Item and

Who knew Kare Kare would be served in fast food? I can hardly order this comfort food in Filipino restaurants, and now its on fast food? Wow.
We tried this out at Adobo Connection – It was not perfect, but It was good. Adobo Connection is doing really well in bringing Pinoy Comfort food to fast food, and it is not at all expensive.
They are making good with their niche at the food industry and I like their kare kare. 🙂

Kare Kare Meals at Adobo Connection

Adobo Connection - Kare Kare fast food

Adobo Connetion has good Adobo – but they can’t live in adobo alone, they have to make kare kare too. And they make good kare kare. And that is really simple.
Adobo connection’ Kare Kare will be a nice addition to my fast food apettite, when you’ve had enough of chicken and fries, it is always good to come back to your roots. Oh yeah, It is BEEF Kare Kare, and not just the OX tripe thing.

Value meal and Combo

You can have your Kare Kare in less than five minutes with rice ( unlimited rice ) and iced tea for 149 Php. Looks like we have an alternative to unli rice .

From Adobo Connection :
Our menu also features other Filipino favorites like our house specialty Beef Kare-Kare, Sisig, Shanghai Rolls, Gising-gising and Leche Flan.


Kare Kare Meal: 129 / 149 Php
Kare Kareng Gulay: 35 ( No unli rice though )

Kare Kare Meals at Adobo Connection Delivery Details

Right Now, Adobo Connection does not do any deliveries, not that I am aware of.