Allegra’s Kitchen Burgers and Pasta

Allegra's Kitchen Burgers and PastaAllegra’s Kitchen Burgers and Pasta


Allegara’s kitchen has a wide range of food offering starting from Burgers to Pasta. They also have steaks and other Salad dishes. All the food are mouth watering and truly can be considered as “good food”.

Allegra’s kitchen provides a very good ambiance and a modern atmosphere on all of their branches nationwide. Don’t wait no more! Go and visit the nearest branch to satisfy your cravings on Burgers and Pastas.

Burgers are packed with freshly cooked beef patties and fresh vegetables. I’m sure everyone in the family will love this restaurant. So what are you waiting for grab some burgers and pasta now.


Pastas at Allegra’s Kitchen will surely remind you of home cook meals from your mom. They are serving it with full of compassion. A lot of cheese and sauce that will surely make you happy. Some Branch offers delivery but not all, but this is OK. It is much better to eat in the restaurant itself.


Cajun Shrimp Penne Pasta, PHP 185.00



Allegra’s Burger, PHP 110.00

Allegra’s Burger with Cheese, PHP 130

Allegra’s Burger with Bacon, PHP 150

Allegra’s Luau Burger, PHP 190

Allegra’s Double Decker Burger, PHP 235