Barrio Fiesta Restaurant

Filipino dishes are never ordinary at the Barrio Fiesta Restaurant. Here, what you thought you’re used to eating is still very much exciting and definitely satisfying. The Barrio Fiesta Restaurant is an icon and a representative of Filipino culture in terms of food. In the USA and in the Middle East, its name is renowned and its recipes sought after. There’s always a special thing that makes dishes at Barrio Fiesta Restaurant so special, you have got to find that out for yourself and we’re pretty sure you’ll thank us for egging you on. Here are other reasons why we strongly recommend you dine at Barrio Fiesta Restaurant: 1. For dishes that take hours to prepare, the outcome is always mouth watering. Take the Barrio Fiesta Restaurantcrispy pata for example, it takes more than 3 hours to prepare and it’s the best we’ve ever tasted. The price is very affordable too and we really dig that. 2. The presentation is always beautiful. Filipino food is served in clay pots, mini frying pans and mini “calderos”. It gives you the feeling you’re eating at the barrios where life is just simple and worry free. 3. The service is great. Managers, waiters, cashiers and even security guards are friendly, they attend to customers’ needs immediately.

The Barrio Fiesta Restaurant Menu

Barrio Fiesta Restaurant Originals are always the best. Check out this list of delicious Barrio Fiesta Restaurant food, they are the best sellers and we recommend you try them too.

1. Barrio Fiesta Restaurant Kare-kare

Deeeelicious! This Pinoy recipe is something to be proud of and at Barrio Fiesta Restaurant, kare-kare is at its best. Tender pieces of beef along with ox tail and vegetables are cooked with peanut butter. It goes well with a little bagoong while eating it with steaming rice. The serving is good for 2 people and is presented in clay pots.

2. Bulalo Steak

Barrio Fiesta Restauranthas a new special and it’s awesome! Bulalo steak is made of beef shin bone with its marrow still intact. Pieces of soft and tasty beef still dangle on the bone and is topped with mushroom gravy sauce, finally, it’s served sizzling on a plate.

3. Crispy Pata

This is the Barrio Fiesta Restaurantall time favorite. Cleaned pig’s knuckle are prepared with secret recipe and deep fried to achieve a crunchy and crispy consistency. Under the crispy pork skin however, meat is quite chewy and absolutely delicious. Orders available in small to extra large serving.

4. Barrio Fiesta Restaurant Dinuguan

This original Filipino recipe is always a favorite. Their dinuguan is spiced just right so that the dark gravy is not too salty. Soft pork slices are rich in meaty flavor so eating it with steamed rice is enjoyable.

5. Beef Steak Tagalog

Barrio Fiesta Restaurantmakes use of soft and thin pieces of beef in this most ordered dish. It is cooked along with soy sauce and other spices to achieve a more intricate flavor. Served with crispy and fresh onion rings, the aroma is just tempting.

6. Ginataang Gulay at Hipon

Find out for yourself why this Barrio Fiesta Restaurantdish is loved by many. Shrimp is tasty on its own but when cooked with select vegetables and creamy coconut milk, it is transformed into a mouth watering Filipino cuisine.

7. Sinalab

This Barrio Fiesta Restaurantdish is amazing. You will definitely want to do this recipe at home but cooking it is more complex than how it looks. On a platter, grilled pork and chicken are mixed with seafood and veggies. Then as a final setting, tasty vinegar and shrimp sauce are served as dips.

8. Barrio Fiesta Restaurant Kilawin na Tanigue

Kilawin is a term used to indicate food being half cooked or cooked in vinegar. In this case, tanigue which is a kind of fish is served in a plate lined with banana leaves and is cooked in vinegar.

9. Kuhol sa Gata

Barrio Fiesta Restaurant does a great job in doing this rural Philippine recipe. Field snails which are of course cleaned are cooked in coconut milk and vegetables. The result is a creamy and delicious dish that goes perfect with rice. Enjoy native Filipino dishes at Barrio Fiesta Restaurant. The dining experience is just amazing, you can visit it at these locations: Barrio Fiesta Restaurant SM City North EDSA Barrio Fiesta Restaurant Marcos Highway Barrio Fiesta Restaurant Malate Barrio Fiesta Restaurant SM Megamall Barrio Fiesta Restaurant U.N. Ave. Barrio Fiesta Restaurant SM City Cebu Barrio Fiesta Restaurant Baguio, Upper Session Rd.