Bread Talk Review

Bread Talk Review


Bread Talk is such an awesome place for baked treats! Thank goodness this bread store is now here in the Philippines. If you like raisin breads, ham and cheese breads and even delicious cakes, Bread Talk is definitely the place to get it.

Bread Talk was founded in Singapore in the year 2000. It was an instant hit among bread lovers there and now is an international sensation. Their baked goods capture the taste most people love. No wonder Bread Talk won awards for being the most popular brand of breads and pastries for many years.

Bread Talk Review


Curiosity is a good thing especially when you’re at Bread Talk. Let your inquisitiveness take control and have your senses be tempted by delicious looking goodies. Believe us, you won’t be sorry. Everything in Bread Talk is deliciously satisfying.

Bread Talk has goods most Filipinos have never seen and tasted before. Their flosss is an example and it is simply awesome:

  • Bread Talk Flosss – This original Bread Talk pastry is entirely new to the Filipino sight and taste and what’s good about it… It’s definitely deeeelicious!

The floss is a kind of bread you’ll surely love. Its dough is a delight to the mouth and the added flavor of mild mayo is great. Shredded or flakes of meat (meat floss) cover the entire bread. These pastries may look strange at first but you’ll have to take our word for it, they’re the most gratifying breads you’ll taste today.

  • Chocolate Cream Cheese – A real Filipino favorite. This Bread Talk recipe is most bought by people coming home from work as pasalubong. If you thought the taste of chocolate and cheese didn’t match, think again. You’ll just have to taste this kind of bread for it’s amazing. The bread is soft and the filling inside is really creamy. The taste is just heavenly.

Dairy Queen

Yummy Dairy Queen ice cream will make your day! Smooth, soft and absolutely delicious ice cream is just the way to feel good any time of the day.

Dairy Queen is an international chain of ice cream store that’s made its way in the Philippines in 2006. It is operated by the Araneta group and has been since a leading brand of ice cream and yogurt in the country.

Dairy Queen Review

If you’re craving for ice cream and cold drinks, you definitely would want to check out Dairy Queen. It serves the best tasting treats to beat the heat and satisfy that desire.

Brands of ice creams here in the Philippines have always tasted the same. A lot of us want something different and thank goodness Dairy Queen is here. It offers new taste that just gratifies the senses.

Dairy Queen presents variety to the world’s favorite dessert. Their products are absolutely delicious and are fresh to the Filipino taste.

1. Dairy Queen Blizzard – This yummy treat is made of vanilla flavored soft serve ice cream blended in your choice of fruits, nuts, cakes and cookies. It’s a magical combination of ingredients that would surely hook you in.

  • Oreo Blizzard – Soft serve ice cream is perfect with pieces of Oreo cookies. This treat is way different than those served in local fast foods. Dairy Queen’s version is perfect to the taste buds as it’s not at all very sweet. When served, it’s upside down adding more interest.
  • Caramel Cashew – Dairy Queen has just created a masterpiece in the caramel cashew blizzard. Soft ice cream became even more flavorful with swirls of creamy caramel and cashew nuts in it. Be warned though that this Blizzard variant is addicting. In the mouth, the taste of vanilla, caramel and the chewiness of cashew play wondrous effects to the senses.

2. Dairy Queen Moolatte – Yummy to the max soft serve ice cream combined with frozen blended coffee and topped with whipped cream. This cold treat is most bought by students and young professionals who enjoy new flavors with coffee.


The Philippines’ pride when it comes to cakes and pastries, Goldilocks serves with love and excellence. If you need cakes for special occasions and need to liven up parties, Goldilocks goodies are just what you need.

Goldilocks Review

Goldilocks is not only the Philippines’ number 1 brand of cakes and pastries, it’s also a destination for people who want to satisfy their longing for Philippine viands. Here, food lovers will get a treat of delicious complete meals with desserts that will gratify that sweet tooth.

A lot of people praise Goldilocks for they understand what Pinoys want. Goldilocks brings to them a taste that is delicious combined with a price that is so affordable.

  • Dinuguan – This Philippine cuisine is absolutely delicious with steaming rice. It’s made of cooked pork meat and blood, seasoned with vinegar, spices and green finger chili. The pork cubes are meaty and the gravy just scrumptious. Foreigners find this dish exotic and order Goldilocks dinuguan a lot.
  • Chicken Relleno – A great companion to rice, this Goldilocks viand is mouth watering with every bite. It’s a chicken version of meat loaf only Goldilocks’ product is softer and more flavorful with that chicken taste. Within the chicken relleno are bits of vegetables and raisins and on the side, delicious gravy that serves as a dip.
  • Cheesy Ensaymada – Goldilocks has a winner of a bread in the ensaymada. This sweet treat is covered with creamy butter, sugar and generously topped with grated cheddar cheese. Moms always buy these as pasalubong for kids at home.
  • Ube Ensaymada – Pinoys abroad and those who come home to the Philippines always buy the Goldilocks Ube Ensaymada. This sweet, soft and delicious bread has real ube (purple yam) in it. On the outside, it’s coated with creamy butter and sugar. To top that, grated cheese in much amounts deliciously beautifies it.
  • Chicken Pie – You have got to try this Goldilocks bread. It’s no wonder it’s a best seller with its delicious chicken, vegetables and white sauce filling inside savory pie crusts.

Hen Lin

Discover delicious Chinese goodies at the Hen Lin restaurant now. Delight your taste buds with a fusion of Chinese and Filipino flavor that’s one and all deliciously satisfying.

Hen Lin rose from humble beginnings as a simple food stall. Now, Hen Lin is a favorite food outlet that has numerous branches all over the Philippines. There’s no limit to what this food store can achieve for their recipes is just what people crave for.

Why do people love Hen Lin?

The answer is simple: delicious taste at such affordable prices! People of different ages and backgrounds flock to Hen Lin outlets. Their food stores are just a big help to satisfy hunger and thirst. Executives, employees and even high school students appreciate Hen Lin. Their delicious food can satisfy at a few pesos worth.

  • Hen Lin Siomai – Discover why Hen Lin’s siomai is the best seller of all time. This delicious dimsum is made of pork that’s seasoned and wrapped then steamed to cook. Hen Lin’s siomai is of superb quality. It is served with soy sauce and calamasi.
  • Hen Lin Siopao – Another favorite among customers, the Hen Lin siopao never fails to satisfy. It’s served hot and is at its most delicious this way. Inside the steaming bread is cooked pork that has the blend of meaty, a bit salty and sweet flavors. There’s salted egg in it too that makes the siopao all the more delicious.
  • Mini Cuapao – These little treats are more delicious than how cute they appear. They are an absolute favorite among customers for they possess the right blend of meaty, sweet and a bit spicy flavor. The difference between siopao and cuapao lies in its bread. The cuapo has softer buns that sandwich the fillings just like hamburgers do. The white buns are really good too, all in all we recommend you try these.
  • Noodles – Hen Lin offers a variety of noodles that completely satisfies. Their mami menu is superb. With noodles, you’ll get soup with it, flavorful meats and vegetables all at a price that makes you feel like a winner.

Red Ribbon

With Red ribbon cakes around, simple gatherings can turn into beautiful and wonderful moments. Red Ribbon is a food store that offers superb cakes and pastries like no other. Their products are of top the line and each cake delivers satisfying effects both to the taste buds and the tummy.

Red Ribbon goodies you will never forget

  • Palabok – Aside from luscious cakes, Red Ribbon also offers delicious palabok. Red Ribbon’s palabok is a best seller and we encourage you discover this yourself. Long and firm bihon noodles are dressed with yellow palabok sauce that’s just rich with flavor. It is then topped with delicious shrimp, crunchy chicharon, green onions and slices of boiled eggs.
  • Mango Cake – Nobody does mango cakes better than Red Ribbon. This superb tasting cake is delicious with real ripe mangoes within it and on top of it. The cake is white in appearance and is absolutely soft. It is covered in white icing making the yellow mango pieces appear like gold.
  • Ultimate Chocolate Cake – A new addition to the Red Ribbon line, this cake became an automatic favorite among customers. This delicious cake is soft and oozing with chocolate flavor. Inside, a soft chocolate layer is embedded. Outside, chocolate icing generously coats the cake. On top of that real chocolate is sprinkled and the most fun thing about these is that the chocolates melt so easily in the mouth. It’s just so mouth watering.
  • Dulce de Leche – You will definitely be wowed by this Red Ribbon masterpiece. Layers of soft white chiffon cake are filled with sweet custard cream. Outside, sweetened milk and caramel icing top it. On the Red Ribbon cake’s sides, toasted chiffon crumbs wrap it while caramel layers tempt you to just go for it. On top of the milk and caramel icing, rosette shaped frostings are beautifully arranged together with spiral strips of chocolate.

The White Hat

Yummy and healthy yogurt is definitely delicious when it’s from The White Hat. This food store offers frozen yogurt that’s nothing like the ones Pinoys have tasted before. Here, frozen yogurt is always fresh. It’s tasty and incorporated with ingredients only The White Hat discovered how.

The White Hat invented recipes that took time and much effort. Today, it is reaping its benefits being one of the leading brands of frozen yogurt in the Philippines.

What makes The White Hat so special

There’s value in every peso one spends when he’s in The White Hat. Frozen yogurt here is fresh, bright white and ever so delicious. The secret… genuine Italian yogurt!

At The White Hat, frozen yogurt is freshly made everyday to keep every product’s taste great. Italian frozen yogurt is smooth, soft, white and possesses a flavorful kind of sourness. On top of that, fresh fruits, cereals, nuts and crispy toppings make the eating experience so exciting. If you’re into food that’s healthy, nutritious and delicious, you definitely have to try The White Hat yogurt.

** The White Hat frozen yogurts are 99% fat free and contains live active cultures that help in digestion.

  • Frozen yogurt with strawberry and kiwi – This White Hat yogurt is a guilt free treat for everybody. Delicious and an all time favorite, this Italian frozen yogurt has pieces of big, red, fresh strawberries that delight the taste buds. The kiwi fruit adds zest, you’ll love it.
  • Choco Loco Hat – Did you know chocolate flavored toppings also taste great with frozen yogurt? This yummy White Hat treat is made of genuine Italian frozen yogurt topped with dark chocolate drops, brownies and bits of Oreo cookies.
  • Pinoy Hat – The delicious flavor of Pinoy chocnut, cashew nuts and barquillos enhance the goodness of Italian yogurt. This recipe is just so delicious you won’t be able to keep it off your mind. The White Hat is just so good in presenting this recipe.

The White Hat offers you the chance to create your own frozen yogurt recipe. With a purchase of Italian frozen yogurt, you will be asked to choose and buy the toppings you desire. The White Hat offers fresh fruits and flavorful crunchies as toppings.

Classic Savory

Classic Savory is a restaurant that’s been around since the 1950s. It serves such mouth watering meals that even until today, recipes and dishes have been sought after by Filipinos as well as foreigners.

The Classic Savory is one of the Philippines’ prides when it comes to restaurants. Affordability meets quality is what Pinoys always say about it. If you want to treat your family to a great tasting dinner today, the Classic Savory will have the fantastic tasting food they need.

The all time favorite Classic Savory Menu

  • Classic Savory Fried Chicken – Ever since the end of the 2nd world war, Classic Savory’s fried chicken had taken the title of being the restaurant’s all time favorite. Their savory chicken is just a delight in the mouth. Outside, it’s attractive skin looks so yummy with that roasted appearance and natural juices flowing out. Inside, the tender meat is even more delicious than what was imagined. The meat is flavored with secret spices but retains that distinctive chicken meat flavor. Biting into it, your mouth will sense that juicy and soft meat along with its delicious flavor.
  • Classic Savory Lomi Soup – In the Classic Savory’s line of noodles, this recipe is always sought after by customers. It’s absolutely delicious with its long and thick noodles. Its soup is so flavorful you’ll finish the whole bowl. It also comes with pieces of meat, vegetables and seafood.
  • Classic Savory Lechon Macau – Classic Savory has made a simple but appetizing meal in this lechon recipe. Delicious deep fried pork belly is crispy and crunchy with regards to the skin but the meat is just right in terms of chewiness and flavor. It is served with kropek and great with steaming rice.
  • Classic Savory Squid in Sweet Barbecue Sauce – A definite winner in taste! This Classic Savory dish is comprised of deep fried squid that’s further made delicious by sautéing in pepper and other spices. It is then covered with sweet barbecue sauce.
  • Classic Savory Fried Rice – It’s all in one! This complete meal is delicious with fried rice served with Chinese sausage, Pieces of Classic Savory fried chicken and green peas.
  • Yang Chow Fried rice – If you want a complete meal at an inexpensive price, the Classic Savory Yang Chow Fried Rice will fill you. It is comprised of fried rice cooked in the traditional Chinese way. It has yummy shrimps, green peas, minced pork and egg.
  • Miki Bihon Binondo – Classic Savory makes great tasting noodles. Get a load of delicious thick egg noodles and rice vermicelli that’s stir fried with veggies, meat and seafood.

The Old Spaghetti House

Wondering where to get great tasting Italian style spaghetti? Follow your nose to The Old Spaghetti House now! This Italian inspired restaurant offers delicious pasta and pizza that follows Italian traditions in cooking.

Dining experience is great at The Old Spaghetti House. Their service is fast, food great and the price just right.

The Old Spaghetti House offers great pasta and pizza

Pinoys love Italian food and at The Old Spaghetti House, they’re going to get pasta and pizza that’s really Italian in flavor. Every spaghetti and pizza recipe in this restaurant is worth every penny. They’re so flavor rich and fresh to the taste.

  • Spaghetti – There is much pressure for the Old Spaghetti House to produce spaghetti that’s great tasting for it is included in their name. Fortunately, their spaghetti hasn’t failed yet and it’s a common observation that their recipe is just a step above other fast food brands. Spaghetti in this cool restaurant is just the way you would want it: Fresh and firm spaghetti noodles, thick, meaty and flavorful sauce (it makes use of tomato sauce so the flavor is really how it is in Europe), compact and tasty meat balls and bread on the side… yum.
  • Carbonara – The Old Spaghetti House creates creamy and delicious carbonara. Their noodles are really firm as great pasta should be. The bits of ham are generously incorporated along with the cheese. Another thing that makes The Old Spaghetti House carbonara so good is that its sauce is not overly seasoned. The simplicity of style and the satisfaction it provides is what makes it a best seller.
  • Lasagna – Discover for yourself why The Old Spaghetti House lasagna is a constant best seller. Yummy layers of pasta and ground beef flavored by cheese and tomato sauce make up the rich rich flavor. Every bite of lasagna is just delicious. The fusion of tastes is so gratifying in the mouth.
  • 4 Cheese pizza – This thin crust pizza from the Old Spaghetti House is must taste. Imagine 4 kinds of cheese topping a delicious crust, nothing can go wrong. This delicious pizza variant is cut in strips and not in the traditional triangular shape.

Joey Pepperoni

Never hesitate to come inside Joey Pepperoni stores when craving for great tasting food. At Joey Pepperoni, casual dining is so cool and satisfying.

Joey Pepperoni offers American and Italian food. Their cuisines are fresh to most Filipinos and when Joey Pepperoni says their Italian food is seasoned the way Italians do it… trust them, they do.

Joey Pepperoni cuisines are worth coming back for

Whether it’s pizza, pasta, sandwiches or rice meals you crave for, Joey Pepperoni has the right tasting meals for you. Customers always praise Joey Pepperoni for they have the right blend of flavor for the right amount of budget. It is no wonder patrons keep coming back. Joey Pepperoni simply knows what Pinoys want.

Have a taste of Joey Pepperoni dishes today. It’s for certain you’ll be coming back, and this time you’ll be proud to bring in more friends.

  • The Works – This Joey Pepperoni pizza is the champion of pizzas in the line. A most delicious pizza, it is made of smoked ham which is indeed generously topped. It also has salami, pepperoni, bacon bits, tasty beef toppings, bell pepper, mushrooms, black olives and a sauce that is oh so delicious.
  • Mushroom Alfredo – Another favorite among the pizza line, this Joey Pepperoni recipe is full of flavor. Its intricate combination of meaty, cheesy and garlicky flavor is just so gratifying to the sense of taste. The pizza is topped with delicious ham, garlic, mushroom, béchamel, mozzarella, red onions and toasted bacon pieces.
  • Pollo al Rosmarino con Riso – Joey Pepperoni offers delicious rice meals and this entry is one that is much sought after in the menu. Once you taste this cuisine, you’ll be thinking about it all day. This Joey Pepperoni rice meal is comprised of skin-on-Chicken thigh fillet which is marinated in rosemary, garlic and olive oil. It is then baked slowly to achieve that soft and juicy texture.
  • Chicken Parmigiana – Wow! This pasta recipe from Joey Pepperoni is worthy to be recommended to friends and family. It’s simply delicious! It is made of firm and long spaghetti noodles coated with rich red pomodoro sauce. On top of that, a large deep fried chicken is placed on top of it with melted mozzarella cheese.

Red Ribbon

Every occasion is fun when you have a Red Ribbon cake on the table. Whether it’s a simple or a grand celebration, Red Ribbon cakes just make the event so much more beautiful.

Say thank you, welcome and I love you with a cake. Say it beautifully with Red Ribbon cakes.

  • Red Ribbon Ube Cake – Yummy and uniquely Filipino, this Red Ribbon cake is beautiful as it is delicious. Beautiful purple colored cake is topped with white cream frosting while all over, it is covered by delicious ube crumbs. The delicious cake is an ube flavored chiffon cake as well. Inside, it has a white colored layer  that’s soft and attractive with purple.
  • Red Ribbon Tiramisu Meltdown – A favorite among many, this Red ribbon cake is delicious and absolutely satisfying. The intricate combination of flavors from its ingredients is just exciting to the senses. The Tiramisu Meltdown from Red Ribbon is a pretty cake that’s white all over and topped with chocolate/coffee colored icing that makes it look like a real meltdown. The cake is composed of layers of chocolate chiffon. It also has a heavenly cream cheese filling.
  • Chocolate Dedication cake – Say your warmest feelings with a Red Ribbon cake. Chocolate dedication cakes from Red Ribbon are attractive at the same time delicious. The chocolate cake is rectangular in shape and comes in sizes. It is covered entirely in chocolate fudge icing and decorated in sugar confetti.

Red Ribbon Rolls

  • Triple Chocolate Roll – This sweet treat is completely delicious. There’s three chocolate layers that make up this roll. First, there’s the soft and moist chocolate chiffon. Second, the chiffon is filled with delicious chocolate fudge and third, tasteful chocolate icing completely cover this Red Ribbon masterpiece.
  • Chocolate Caramel Roll – Red Ribbon rolls are just tempting. They’re so appetizing even when just seen. This Red Ribbon Roll is made of soft chiffon filled with caramel. It is then covered with chocolate icing and on top of that, caramel syrup and chocolate crown it.


  • Macapuno Balls – Delicious treats can come in small sizes. This chewy Red Ribbon candy is deliciously sweet and has real macapuno.
  • Butter Mamon – Red Ribbon will make you come back for more with this delicious tasting bread. Mamon is supposed to be soft and Red Ribbon made theirs the best way possible. Chiffon is blended with premium butter so when you bite a piece, it really just melts in the warmth of the mouth.
  • Mango Bars – Red Ribbon mango bars are the best. They are delicious and lots would attest to it. Real mango bits are incorporated in fudge bars which fuse into scrumptious snacks.
  • Pastillas de Leche – Want some great tasting Pinoy candies? Red Ribbon pastillas may be it. Delicious, sweet, soft and creamy pastillas is made from fresh milk.
  • Yummy Cheese Roll – This new product from Red Ribbon is a quick hit. It’s a simple kind of bread but delicious in every sense of the word. The bread is so soft it melts right in the mouth. Inside the bread, great tasting cheese is present.