Burger King Whopper Junior

Burger King Whopper JuniorBurger King Whopper Junior Review

Burger King Whopper Junior is now sold only at Php 99 – Fries and Drink included. Who would not like that? The Whopper Junior is one of the favorites in Burger King primarily because it is oen hell of a treat. It is affordable, tasty and fills your belly.

There are quite a few things too why this is the favorite. Burger King may be a notch above the average fast food. The reason we go back to Burger King is their fries too. They have one of the best fries in the Philippines. Plus their sizes are really big sizes. And it pays to have very big servings. It is a Large is large size – if you know what we mean.

The Burger King Juinor Whopper is also flame grilled – so the smoky flavor is preserved. The authentic flavor is further heightened by the juiciness which is a trademark for the Burger King Whoppers.

Burger King Whopper Junior Value meal and Combo

The Value Meal Combo is the common Burger, Fries and Soft Drink. If you think that the the Junio Whopper is not enough for you, try out the whopper or upsize. They ave also discounted the price a little which means you can enjoy more if you want to.

Burger King Whopper Junior Price

The value meal is sold at Php 99.00 with Drink and Fries. The Solo Burger King Whopper Junior is sold at Php 79.00.

Burger King Whopper Junior Delivery Details

Burger King Philippines does not have a very good delivery systems in place just yet. This website will try to do a research on the available numbers for a next post. For now, you can try the numbers below.

You can try this hotlines for your deliveries:

+63 (2) 7527071/7527072 – Glorietta 2 Makati

Phone Number – Marikina
(+63 2) 647-8887

Delivery – This is the central delivery
( 63 2) 667-7171