Burger King Philippines

Burger King Philippines as its name implies truly is the champion of burgers. A fast food store that has been around for a long time, it sells a heavyweight of a burger sure to fill the tummy and satisfy man’s very selective taste. Allow Burger King Philippines’ tall, heavy, juicy, fragrant and tasty burgers suit your need of a delicious meal. Burger King Philippines serves treats whose flavor will simply be gladdening in the mouth you’ll want the moment to last long.

Burger King was first established in 1954 in Florida, USA and in its initial years of operation, served only burgers, fries, sodas and milkshake. Burger King from then on changed ownership several times and as of current, is controlled by 3G Capital. It has grown from a simple restaurant to a giant company and now has over 12,400 outlets in 73 countries worldwide making it one of the very successful fast food restaurants in the world. As a matter of fact, they’re the second largest hamburger chain in the world. As a company (Burger King Holdings), it sells franchises and is responsible for restaurants’ line of menus, it develops recipes and shares them to its branches. Burger King Philippines is a franchise currently controlled by Jollibee foods Corp. and BK Titans Inc.

Burger King Philippines

The Burger King Philippines Menu

The burger has become a popular meal globally and to some, even a staple. Its image, aroma and taste has become knowledge in everyone’s minds and for this, Burger King Philippines has dedicated its efforts to improve and make the favored meal even more exciting. Have you seen Burger King Philippines’ Whopper lately? Oh it’s so mouth wateringly beautiful! You just have to get one of those Burger King sandwiches, it will redefine your experience of burger dining. Here’s a quick look at Burger King Philippines’ menu and why it’s also a favorite among Filipinos:

Burger King Philippines Flame Grilled Burgers

Burger King Philippines-Whopper

The whopper is Burger King’s signature product which is indeed a best seller. This delicious         sandwich is comprised of a flame grilled quarter-pound beef patty, lettuce, tomatoes            pickles, sliced onions and then dressed with mayo and ketchup, and then finally sesame seeded buns sandwich all ingredients.

Burger King Philippines Double Whopper

¼ pound of beef patties times two is delicious.

Burger King Philippines Triple Whopper

Whew, three ¼ pound patties in a burger will make your day

Burger King Philippines Whopper Junior

A smaller sized Burger King Whopper but flavorful none the less
Burger King Whoppers can be ordered with cheese and bacon as add ons.

Burger King Philippines Cheese Burger

Burger King’s cheeseburger is one of the best tasting ever. Savor delicious beef patties with       melted American cheese, pickles, ketchup and yellow mustard. It’s soft and firm sesame seeded buns are served toasted.

Nutrition Fact

Calories                                                290

Protein                                 14g

Carbohydrates                  28g

Sugar                                     6g

Fat                                          13g

Saturated Fat                     6g

Trans Fat                              0g

Cholesterol                         40mg

Sodium                                 710mg

Source: http://www.bk.com/en/us/menu-nutrition/lunch-and-dinner-menu-202/flame-broiled-burgers 220/cheeseburger-m8/index.html

Western BBQ Whopper

Taste the goodness of barbecued patties done Western style. This Whopper meal always craved             for by regular customers. Try it too to be amazed.

Burger King Philippines Double BBQ Bacon and Cheese

Wow! This burger is a gem. If you think Burger King’s Whoppers are already delicious, wait till    you get a load of this. Savor delicious bacon and cheese with barbecued patties,  yummy!

                                                       Burger King Philippines Chicken Menu

Burger King Philippines Chicken Sandwich

This sandwich is composed of a long bun topped with sesame seeds, inside is delicious breaded               chicken fillet with lettuce and creamy mayo.

Burger King Philippines

1 piece chicken with rice/ 2 piece chicken with rice

Great for lunch or dinner, Burger King’s chicken are big in serving and less greasy

                                                  Burger King Philippines Value Meal-Combo Meal

Burger King Whopper Meal/ double /triple Whopper Meal

This budget saving meal is a favorite among college students. A Whopper is served with hot       thick cut French Fries or Onion Rings plus a fountain drink. At a reasonable price, your hunger     will be satisfied at a most delicious way.

Classic Steakhouse Burger Meal

Simply delicious, try this value meal as your first order at Burger King and you will never be          sorry.

Burger King Philippines Spicy Chicken Crisp Meal

Yummy chicken just got more flavor, this less greasy chicken meal is hot.

Burger King Philippines Breakfast

Egg Sandwich

Bacon Sandwich

Ham Sandwich

SPAM Sandwich

SPAM, Egg and Rice

Bacon, Cheese and Rice

Corned Beef Egg and Rice

                                Why Filipinos loved the Burger King Philippines in an instant

Burger King Philippines Review

At first sight, you will immediately think Burger King Philippines’products are superior. At first bite, your assumptions will proven true, these burgers are absolutely terrific! They’re delicious, tasty, scrumptious and worth going back for for a thousand more times. To answer the question above, Filipinos instantly fell for the Burger King Philippinesexactly because of its products’ quality. They come in genuine and large servings, one would never feel he’s being cheated out of his money’s worth. Burger King Philippinesdoes an amazing job of mixing ingredients to form the basic parts of their burgers. Take the burger patties for example, you will be able to taste the genuine flavor of beef unlike its competitors who include a lot of fat to hold together patties made of meat, starch and other extenders. American cheese is also heavenly delicious, It melts in the burger’s heat making it so much more appetizing. So, if you’re in mood to try out real American burger recipes, do not hesitate to visit Burger King Philippines, here you will be tasting one of the world’s best.