Chao fan with Siomai Chowking

Chao fan with Siomai Menu Item and Review

Chao fan is good. Siomai is good. Chao fan with siomai is epic. Not only because its cheap – but because you are getting more for practically nothing. If you can’t get to any lauriat, get to your staple meal – rice , some viand, and some soy sauce.
I don’t know any Filipino who doesn’t like soy sauce with some spice so you if you don’t, you are probably not a filipino. NOT FILIPINO. So are you chinese? Who cares. I hate island thieving chinese, but not their food. They should offer siomai everytime they try to invade another Philippine island.

Chao fan with Siomai


Chao Fan has that strange flavor – I can tell that they add some kind of magic. It’s not magic sarap, but it’s sarap. Can’t tell what it is, but add siomai and it’s an epic marriage. A Royal marriage.

An additon to its unique taste is the spring onions that adds aroma and flavor that you will surely love.

Chao fan with Siomai Value meal and Combo

Chao fan and Siomai – match made Filipino heaven. Not chinese heaven – there is no such thing.

From Chao fan with Siomai :
On a budget and payday is nowhere near? Don’t deprive yourself. May Chowking Pork Siomai Chao Fan meals, it’s tasty, filling and best of all affordable!


about Php 60 , who cares? Just eat!

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