Chicken Mcdo Plus Meals

Chicken Mcdo Plus Meals Review


Do you like Chicken Mcdo? Well if you do and if you crave for it, then you’ll love it more. McDonald’s has created a good deal for you. You can now avail a value meal of Chicken Mcdo with Fries and more. Is this good or what?

If you are one of those guy’s you love to have everything in one eating, and if you happen to go by McDonald’s famished – you can always drop by and order this beautiful thing. And yes, It does come cheap.

Chicken Mcdo Plus Meals Value meal and Combo

1 pc Chicken Mcdo plus  a choice of side – of course you can always double up.

Chicken Mcdo Plus Meals Price

Php 100 ++ . You can always order more sides just to be sure you get your fill. I don’t think 1 chicken will be enough for a big man’s meal.


Chicken Mcdo Plus Meals Delivery Details

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