Chowking Drinks and Desserts

Chowking Drinks and Desserts

Chowking is known for their great Chinese inspired treats – and it also shown in their variety of drinks. It is quite an experience to try out Chinese style food in a fast food. Chowking Drinks and Desserts are taste of a semi-authentic Chinese cuisine would be incomplete without trying their signature drinks..

Chowking is famous Chinese fast food restaurant that you can find almost anywhere in the Philippines. Food prices are of true value to your money. Servings are quiet very fulfilling to satisfy your Chinese food cravings. Chowking Drinks and Desserts are additional treats that will fulfill your meal. They have a lot of drinks and desserts to choose from.


Chowking Drinks and Desserts

Chowking Black Gulaman

Chowking Black Gulaman is one of their front runners in terms of drink upgrades. Gulaman is quite famous here in the Philippines. Chowking Black Gulaman is unique to taste as it is jampack with Sago and Gulaman. Its sweetness is just right combination to your main meal. Gulaman is derived from Seaweeds, It is not actually gelatin. It is not a bad thing. Gulaman has a different texture and gives a slightly reicher flavor compared to gelatin. This is the reason why it goes well with flavored / sweetened water. The image of Chowking’s Black Gulaman is reminiscent of a cocktail drink from a gourmet restaurant so every peso you pay this is worth it.

Chowking Black Gulaman is available for Php 37. 00

Chowking Naicha

Chowking Naicha is another solid offering from Chowking. Naicha Milk Tea is a unique drink. It has nice tangy taste of tea, with a creaminess of Milk. This is for sure a unique experience. The way the milk “smokes” its way to the tea and ice makes for a really appetizing drink. This drink provides a good combination to your Siopao or Pancit snack. It is quite famous for quite a lot of the younger generation, maybe because it offers quite an alternative to the normally served soft drinks and juices. Its flavor is also adventurous  – you top this with tea jelly and real tea extracts, plus a caramel syrup that heightens the flavor a notch.

Naicha is available in Regular and Large sizes. Regular size Naicha is sold at Php 36.00 while large size is sold at Php 79.00.

Chowking Lotus Cream Buchi

Chowking Lotus Cream Buchi or most commonly referred to as Buchi is a good way to finish your big meal. Buchi has a creamy interior with a sesame seed covering.  Buchi is actually made from sweet rice flour with sweet bean paste filling. Buchi from Chowking is a very special buchi. It is a commercialized version, and has become a chowking favorite. An easy eat, that is. Buchi is part of Chowking Lauriat. It can also be ordered separately in a box of six or twelve.

Chowking Bucih is sold at only Php 25.00.

Chowking Chicharap

Chowking Chicharap is chowking’s version of the common seafood fry. Chicharap is actually flavoured from Prawns. The most beautiful thing about the Chowking Chicharap is that is pops inside your mouth. The pops are kind of small and it is actually fun. Its prawn flavor is rich and it is kind of addicting to much. Chiracharap can be bought separately at Php 27.00 , but it can also be enjoyed as part of the Chowking Lauriat.

Chowking Drinks and other Desserts

Other Drinks offered at Chowking:

Del Monte Pineapple Juice – Regular: Php 27.00 Large : Php 34.00

Coca Cola Products:  Regular: Php 23.00 Large : Php 30.00

Nestea Iced Tea : Regular: Php 25.00 Large : Php 33.00