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Chowking Siomai Menu Item and Review

Chowking Siomai






Chowking Siomai is one of the best siomai – perhaps the best in the entire fast food chain, peso for peso that is.
A very few food cart siomai amazes me, perhaps that is because we have been eating too much of the good stuff.
Why is Chowking siomai good? Because there are no extenders – cheap siomai will always suck! But not the chowking siomai.
I like chowking siomai because of the other chowking menu you can add them too, chao fan, noodles, pancit, you can combo them with anything. ANYTHING! Even halo halo.

You can even have siomai deliver at your doorstep. That is to provide you with the utmost convenience. Don’t forget to add on to your delivery the ice cold tea.

Chowking Siomai

Chowking has always been the king of chinese foods in the Philippines – this is because they are releatively cheap for chinese food and they belong to the gargantuan Jollibee. Yeah, gargantuan! Take that to your deep palette sensation.

Chowking Siomai Value meal and Combo

Siomai is best ala carte – but there are may other value meals at chowking where you can add siomai, please read above. Like it?

From Chowking Siomai :
On a budget and payday is nowhere near? Don’t deprive yourself. May Chowking Pork Siomai Chao Fan meals, it’s tasty, filling and best of all affordable!


about Php 38 – didn’t really check this – but you can add 20 Php to anything and it will be worth the happiness. Don’t think of the price. Just think happiness.

Chowking Siomai Delivery Details

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