Chowking Wonton Mami

Chowking Wonton Mami Menu Item and Review

Chowking Wonton Mami




Are you tired of eating Instant Noodles? Full of MSG right? You get too much of it, you forget how noodles should taste right. So get out there and try some real Mami. Chowking is the easiest way to do this. Order Wonton Mami for almost nothing, order some Siopao or siomai. Ask a friend ( or perhaps someone special ) and just let it go. Sip that soup and you are calibrated. Now that’s how noodles whould feel like. Welcome back to the real world.

Chowking Wonton Mami

Wonton Mami is one of the favorite noodles in chowking, just because it has dumpling and meaty flavor. The noodles don’t feel like it was made from wax and some edible rubber. No sir.

Chowking Wonton Mami Value meal and Combo

Always get those value meals with the siopao, I think there is one. I know there is one.

From Chowking Wonton Mami :
Pag ganitong rainy days, mag-Chowking Wonton Mami, may pinagsamang sarap ng broth gawa sa real meat, Hong Kong-style noodles and meaty wonton na talagang nakakabusog any time of the day.


about Php 60 , 70…. who cares? Just eat! You will be spending more if you get to something special with siopao and siomai

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