Dunkin Donuts Philippines

Dunkin Donuts PhilippinesIf there’s a favorite donut store for the common Pinoy today, it would definitely be the Dunkin Donuts Philippines. Affordability meeting quality and taste is what the Dunkin Donuts Philippines offers. Famous for its soft dough and deliciously sweet fillings, the Dunkin Donuts Philippines sells donuts to masses’ delights and is much regarded as the “pambansang pasalubong”.

Are you thinking of a treat to bring home to kids today? Are you thinking it has to be sweet? Are you thinking it should be enjoyed by adults and yourself as well? Then a box of delicious Dunkin Donuts Philippines could be what you’re looking for. Sweet, delicious donuts of different flavors and shapes will be a fine afternoon snack enjoyed with juice and coffee. Coming home from a trip or from work, you would love to get the kids and the whole family to just sit together and bond wouldn’t you? Now the secret to get those active children to keep still and just hang around is to present them with sweet, attractive and delicious donuts.

Dunkin Donuts Philippines is a franchised food store from Dunkin Donuts in the United States. This brand of donut store sells other kinds of breads such as muffins, brownies and even sandwiches on top of their hot chocolate drink and brewed coffee. Brought here by the Golden Donuts, Inc. (GDI) in 1981, Dunkin Donuts Philippines first served its menu at the Quad Car Park (now Park Square) in Makati. From there on, franchises have been sold and currently, Dunkin Donuts Philippines operates more than 500 outlets nationwide.

Bring home delicious treats to your family and friends, choose from the many “pasalubong” Dunkin Donuts Philippines has to offer:

Dunkin Donuts Philippines


Choco Butternut – An absolute favorite, this sweet donut combines the taste of chocolate and peanut butter

Strawberry Filled – Always bought in stores, this soft donut has powder on it while inside is delicious strawberry filling

Pineapple Filled – This Dunkin Donuts Philippines item is deliciously fruity and sweet. It is a must have in every box of 12.

Nutty Chocolate – Soft donuts can never go wrong with chocolate, and this time it’s got even better with nuts

Choco Forsted – Sweet is delicious indeed, this is a Dunkin Donuts Philippines product most favored by kids. Soft donut is topped with more sweet frost.

Bavarian – Also an all time favorite, this donut contains a creamy, soft and sweet filling inside.

Honey Dipped – Donut flavored by honey is fantastic. This goes perfect with Dunkin Donuts Philippines’ brewed coffee.

Sugar Raised – Looks and sounds like a simple donut but the taste and softness to the mouth is great.

Choco Candy Sprinkle – An attractive donut, this variant is also favorite among children.

Boston Kreme – Catch this donut if you can for it almost always runs out of stock. Delicious and sweet, this Dunkin Donuts Philippines item is perfect for afternoon mirienda.

Dunkin Donuts Philippines Premium Donut Varieties – These donuts are somewhat extra special. They cost more than ordinary Dunkin Donuts Philippines variants but you will find out that they are worth every penny. It’s to be noted though that only selected outlets sell these:


Dark Crunch

Milky Bliss

Choco Nirvana

Chunky Choconut


Quezo Duo

Almond Caramel

Coffee Crumble

Blueberry Cheese

Black Forest

Pineapple Express

Dunkin Donuts Philippines Bunwich

Bunwich are exciting sandwiches that make use of buns to hold together ingredients. These are best sellers in Dunkin Donuts Philippines and we encourage you to try them.

Ham and Cheese Bunwich

Bacon, Coleslaw, Tomato Bunwich

Spanish Sausage Bunwich

Tuna Salad Bunwich

Egg and Cheese Bunwich

Plain Bunwich

Dunkin Donuts Philippines Croissant

Plain Croissant                                                 Croissant with Butter

Ham and Cheese Croissant                          Tuna Salad Croissant

Bacon, Lettuce and Tomato                         Chicken Salad


Bring home a box of Dunkin Donuts Philippines today.

If one piece of Dunkin Donuts Philippines brings you a smile, what can a box of it do? Thousands of Filipinos love this brand of donuts and we know exactly why. It’s delicious, it’s great to dunk in coffee, it’s got many flavors to choose from and most of all buying it will not hurt the Pinoy’s pockets!


Every donut in the Dunkin Donuts Philippines’ menu is of top quality. It’s always fresh and the flavors are just superb you won’t tire of it. Aside from just donuts, this store’s bunwich are fresh to the taste. It’s a break from the regular sandwiches you’re used to buying in the cafeteria and other fast food stores. As an eating place, Dunkin Donuts Philippines is a cozy and comfortable place to be. Sitting and dining here is as homely as being in your own home. Prices at Dunkin Donuts Philippines are ridiculously low, most of the regular donuts are below 15 pesos and the bigger and special ones just a few pesos more. Hanging around here is also pretty cool, Dunkin Donuts Philippines’ ambience is perfect for Pinoys to converse and eat in.