Giligans Menu

Tonight Giligans is definitely the place to go. If relaxation through good food and beer is how you want to lighten up, Giligans is the perfect choice. Here, you will be surprised at how a fancy looking place can serve great food at a budget that will suit the average Filipino. Giligans is a restaurant that’s proud to serve Philippine food, from delicious vegetable cuisines as pinakbet and kare-kareng gulay to awesome seafood as sweet and spicy pusit, the genuine Pinoy taste is as great as it ever was.

Giligans is one of the most popular restaurants young professionals go to. It is a hang out, a place to interact and most especially a cool place to dine. Check out these dishes that wow foreigners as well as Pinoys:

Giligans Menu

Giligans Platters

Enjoy these delectable cuisines only at Giligans, upon serving on your table, the sight and smell just has you hypnotized. Resistance is almost impossible.

1. Giligans Sampler Platter

Servings are: Calamares , Fish fillet, Chicken Lollipop, Lechon kawali

You’ll love the Giligans lechon kawali, they’re so flavorful and less greasy unlike what others sell.

2. Giligans Combo Platter

Servings are: Sweet & spicy squid, Lumpiang shanghai, Chicken strips, Inihaw na baboy

Giligans sweet and spicy pusit will make you come back for more. This delicious recipe is simply a delight to the taste.

3. Giligans Grilled Platter

Servings are: Inihaw na baboy, Chicken barbecue, Grilled squid & Grilled tuna belly

Grilled and barbecue, what’s not to love? Everything here is so mouth watering.

4. Giligans Pica-Pica Platter

Servings are: Cheese sticks, Lumpiang shanghai, French fries and peanuts

These are really great snacks if you’re not into heavy meals today.

5. Giligans BBQ Platter

Servings are: 4 Sticks Pork barbecue and 4 Sticks Yakitori

Barbecue is ever so yummy at Giligans.

6. Giligans All-American Platter

Servings are: Fish fillet, Cajun shrimps, Chicken fingers, French fries

You’ll like this combo of food picked and eaten with your fingers, they’re excitingly delicious.

What makes Giligans a favorite among Pinoys?

Dining at Giligans is a sure way to get your money’s worth. Filling and satisfying, food at Giligans is something worth referring to friends and family. Filipino cuisine is really delectable and here, you will appreciate the intricate flavors that surround each dish.

The Giligans Platter menu is one of the best deals. At such an affordable price, you will be served combinations of delicious food with each kind making lasting impressions. You just have to try this menu, or better yet call your friends and taste as many meals possible. Giligans will wow you and we will not be surprised if come back real soon.