How could a cold beer matched with Gilligan’s crispy pata make your night a relaxing one? Well, first and foremost, Gilligan’s crispy pata is so pleasurable, it will surely focus all your attention to its delectable taste. Second, crisp cold beer just refreshes, enabling you to just sit back and enjoy dining time. Gilligan’s is a restaurant that that makes you enjoy dining and drinking at the same time. Here, you can drink your beer with your favorite menu of seafood, pork and chicken.

Are you looking for a place that serves excellent beer with your favorite Filipino pulutan? Does that place have to be safe, classy and possesses positive air? Well, you have just got to visit Gilligan’s. Gilligan’s is a restaurant that fuses family get together dining and friends’ night out. Here, different kinds of people who share the same interest in food converge and satisfy their longing and the good thing about it, they serve beer at such great deals.


What are the best Gilligan’s food matches with ice cold beer?

Conversations and bonding are livelier with food and drinks don’t you agree? Try these Gilligan’s menu with ice cold San Mig beer the next time you and your friends get together.

Gilligan’s Crispy Pata

There hundreds of versions of crispy pata in the Philippines but Gilligan’s version is simply great. This recipe makes use of pig legs, knees and knuckles as ingredients. They are sliced and deep fried and seasoned until golden brown.

Gilligan’s Sisig

Gilligan’s pork and fish sisig are the best pulutan according to yuppies. The rich taste is so intricate you’ll just love drinking beer with it.

Gilligan’s Sizzling Mixed Seafoods

The combination of shrimp, squid, fish cubes, mussels and scallops dipped in sauce is great with beer. The texture and taste of each food item will play wonders with your senses.

Gilligan’s Grilled Platter

Inihaw na baboy, Chicken barbecue, Grilled pusit & Grilled tuna belly

This is a favorite among patrons of Gilligan’s, it’s a complete set of delicious cuisines of seafood and meat. They are absolutely delicious and quite budget friendly

Gilligan’s Beers

San Miguel Lights

Pale Pilsen

Super Dry

Cerveza Negra

Gilligan’s is a real fun place to dine and relax

Gilligan’s is simple at the same time stylish, their food are tasty yet affordable. These are just the simplest things many love about Gilligan’s. Food here is arguably among the best in the land, and what’s more to appreciate about it is that a regular Pinoy can afford it and be glad about it. Relaxation and get togethers are fun at Gilligan’s. Here, you will able to afford more brews for fewer pesos. Isn’t that great? As of present (August 2012), promos on beer include 4 bottles of San Miguel Pale Pilsen for 108 pesos and 3 San Mig Lights for only 105 pesos, now that’s a good deal for drinks while enjoying the ambience of Gilligan’s.