Gilligans Sizzling Seafood

Get ready to be amazed by Gilligans seafood. Here you can feast your eyes on an array of delicious food sure to awaken your Filipino-ism. At Gilligans, you can literally taste the richness of Philippine culture, every item on Gilligans menu is definitely something to love. When was the last time you’ve tasted grilled blue marlin that’s of excellent class? At Gilligans, grilled blue marlin will be something to be remembered for all time. Gilligans is the place to go when craving seafood, here you can be sure they’re tasty and within your budget’s reach.

Besides serving delicious Filipino food, Gilligans is a restaurant that makes you feel the desire to travel the seas. Displayed all over the place are art works that depicts adventure in the oceans. It makes eating fish, squid and shrimps so much enjoyable.

Just take a peek at some of these mouth watering menus from Gilligans. Gilligans seafood can be compared with the Philippines’ best creations, just order them for yourselves:

GilligansSizzling Seafood

Gilligans Sizzling Seafood

1. Gilligans Sizzling Gambas

This item is always ordered every night, match it with your favorite cold drink

2. Gilligans Sizzling Bangus Sisig

Eating bangus cooked sisig style is the best, savor hot, spicy, salty and a mild sourness to the whole dish. This item won’t let you down

3. Gilligans Sizzling Squid

Gilligans offers you greatly flavored squid served sizzling hot

4. Gilligans Sizzling Bangus Belly Ala Pobre

Always a winner, this sizzling fish cuisine is a delight

5. Gilligans Sizzling Scallops

Who knew they could be served sizzling hot and enjoyable? Well, you ought to try these.

6. Gilligans Sizzling Mixed Seafoods

Combination of shrimps, squid, fish cubes, mussels and scallops with sauce

Gilligans just came up with a winning little combo here. Everything in this item is superbly flavorful

Question: What does Gilligans have that people flock in every time?

Answer: Aside from great Filipino food and service? Gilligans provides an ambience that inspires energy, enthusiasm and adventure. As if the sight of Gilligans’ food is not appetizing enough, their art works displayed in every corner are appealing and provokes the desire to taste. Yummy sea food is absolutely great here. From their grilled cuisines to sisig sea food to soups such as sinigang bangus belly, you will definitely be convinced you made the right choice of coming. At Gilligans, crispy and crunchy is just the way as it should be. Breaded fillet has the ideal consistency plus their shrimps are perfectly seasoned.

There are a lot of food stores that offer good sea food cuisines too, but at Gilligans, you will be getting that with the enjoyment of seeing some of genuine artifacts of ocean travel. With all that, dishes at Gilligans come at a cost an average Filipino can smile about.