Goldilocks Cakes

Choose from beautiful and delicious Goldilocks cakes to bring home today, whether it’s for birthdays, anniversaries or graduations, Goldilocks cakes will surely make your get togethers more gladdening. Are you looking for food that can serve as a centerpiece at the table? Do you want something special to tower and stand out among all other food there? Attract people around the table with the Goldilocks cakes, let them gather around the Choco Caramel Decadence and the Chocolate Sweet Fusion as they read your special greeting. Happy Anniversary, Happy Birthday, Proud of You, I love you, wouldn’t all those writing mean more when presented in such a wonderful way like a cake? It’s simply beautiful and meaningful.

Goldilocks CakesGoldilocks cakes became famous all over the country due to the combination of great recipes, styles and most of all a price range that suits the average Filipino. With Goldilocks cakes, everyone can now enjoy and feel grand at even the simplest of celebrations. The famous Goldilocks bakeshop first opened its store in Makati, Philippines in 1966. It was the sisters Leelin and Milagros Clarita along with their sister-in-law, Doris who baked the first cakes. Supported by their family and acting as their first customers, the ladies soon decided to take on the food business. Goldilocks proved to be a great name for their bakeshop for in its first day of business, all the cakes were sold out. Goldilocks cakes are not only a favorite here in the Philippines, today it has 192 branches nationwide, 18 in the USA and 2 in Canada.

Goldilocks cakes were sold out in its first day of business, their Brazo de Mercedes, Sansrival, Marble and Butter Slices were all bought before the end of the day. Goldilocks cakes and other treats are still selling so very quickly you’d have to try and get there as early as possible. Check out the Goldilocks cakes menu below:

Goldilocks Cakes

Sansrival- Always a best seller, this Goldilocks cake is a 4 layered cashew meringue covered with delicious French buttercream and chopped cashew nuts.

All Chocolate- This Goldilocks cake is a winner. Taste delicious Devil’s food cake that’s soft and moist, it’s topped and filled with Swedish butter cream and finished with crumbled chocolate cake.

Black Forrest- Better hurry to purchase this Goldilocks cake, it always runs out at the end of the day. This delicious chiffon cake has raspberry preserves and cherries dipped in rum. It’s covered with dark chocolate icing and is topped with Swedish chocolate shavings.

Carrot cake- Absolutely delicious! Goldilocks cakes are very diverse and this one is really good. It is composed of layers of carrot cake filled and topped with cream cheese frosting as chopped walnuts attractively design its sides.

Fruit Charlotte- Probably the most attractively designed Goldilocks cake, this vanilla cake has strawberry preserves and Bavarian cream filling. On top of it are fresh strawberries, grapes, kiwi, peaches and mandarin orange slices. Seeing it just makes you want to buy it.

Halo halo- The goodness of halo halo can now be tasted in cake! This Goldilocks cake is delicious with its combination of vanilla and ube cake and incorporated with garbanzo, red and white beans, kaong, macapuno and jack fruit.

Black velvet- Simple yet elegant and always a best seller. This rich and creamy Goldilocks cake is velvety in appearance, it’s filled with chocolate cream cheese and buttercream and coated with ganache. Finally it’s iced with whipped cream, chocolate shavings and a cherry.

Mango cake- Do not by any means let this cake’s appearance fool you. It’s a simple white cake at first look but once tasted, it’s one that heaven itself would welcome. This Goldilocks cake is vanilla flavored with a filling made of whipped cream and chopped fresh mangoes. Its icing is also a combination of whipped cream and mangoes.

Marble slice- The original Goldilocks cake best seller, it is moist, thick and has a fine texture. When sliced, the cake has marble effect design created by the chocolate mixture that’ swirled into the butter cake.

Goldilocks Rolls and Bread

Brazo de Mercedes- These are Meringue Rolls filled with golden yellow custard. The center part has an attractive wavy design and sprinkled with sugar. This is a soft and sweet treat and always bought for kids and grandparents.

Blueberry muffin- Absolutely yummy muffins incorporated with blueberries equals a best selling item.

Pork Asado Minipao- Siopao is a favorite among Pinoys and this one is a perfect bite. This product always impresses.


If it’s cakes you need, go for the Goldilocks Cakes

Directly to the point, Goldilocks cakes are really great. Cakes are perfect for all occasions and the Pinoy will surely appreciate a Goldilocks cake. Saying congratulations or greeting someone is so much fun and believable with a cake wouldn’t you agree? Doesn’t saying Happy Mother’s Day / Father’s Day with a cake be so much more gratifying? In this act of love, let the Goldilocks cakes help you show just how much you care. Every piece of item in this store is delicious, the icing they use on cakes are terrific unlike ordinary icing that’s just sugar. Fruits mixed in the cakes are fresh plus every design is just attractive. Chiffon cakes, vanilla cakes, carrot cakes and ube cakes become more alive with Goldilocks’ recipes, they are more flavorful, softer and smoother than most brands. With Goldilocks cake, one can be sure that every product stays fresh and of top quality every time.