Goldilocks Philippines’ Meals

Did you happen to try eating the Sarap Pinoy meals at Golilocks Philippines lately? It is absolutely awesome! We’re telling you straight forward this new menu from the Goldilocks Philippines is a great deal. Imagine a 99 peso worth of meal with soup, fried chicken or 2 sticks of pork barbecue with unlimited rice. At Goldilocks Philippines we the customers are the winners!

Goldilocks Philippines is more than just a bakeshop, now, it has evolved into a food store and dining place for the family and those who enjoy Filipino food. Starting its business in 1966, the Clarita sisters with their sister in law Doris turned their hobby of making cakes into a pioneering industry that would make the entire Philippines proud. The ladies’ success was attributed to their passion and love for cakes as well as hard work, perseverance and of course a little bit of luck. Did you know that the name Goldilocks (the fairy tale character) was suggested by their sister Maria Flor to be easily remembered by kids and moms? It proved to be a great name and decision for today, Goldilocks Philippines is the most popular cake store nationwide, it has 250 stores in the country, has thousands of employees and had a system sale of 5.9 billion pesos by the end of 2007 alone.

Goldilocks Philippines had all of its cakes bought in first day of opening, its 574 peso sale back in 1966 has multiplied several times when compared today. Goldilocks Philippines serves delicious food as ever and below are some of their top selling and most favored menu:

Goldilocks Philippines Menu (Top choices)

Goldilocks Philippines’ Meals

Sarap Pinoy Meals

Goldilocks Philippines is now serving unlimited cups of rice! Kanin get it, is how they refer to it and the menu consists of unlimited rice servings, a cup of soup with noodles ( with a slice of egg and meat) and a choice of fried chicken or two sticks of pork barbecue.

Goldilocks Philippines Halo-halo

This is a terrific addition to the Goldilocks Philippines menu. Enjoy a cool and sweet dessert with delicious kaong, bananas, ube, pinipig… yummy!

Goldilocks Philippines Pancit Palabok

Always delicious and ordered by customers, pancit palabok is a true best seller

Goldilocks Philippines Top Favored Cakes

Black Forrest- One of the most delicious cakes ever! Soft cake with sweet chocolate icing.

Sanrival- Yummy layers of sanrival dough covered with creamy butter icing and chopped cashew nuts

Brazo de Mercedes- Meringue rolls with yellow custard as filling

Goldilocks Philippines’ Meals are absolutely superb

The Pinoys are truly right for liking, loving and appreciating Goldilocks Philippines. As a dining place, the store really treats customers right by providing delicious Filipino cuisines. Goldilocks Philippines recently adopted the restaurant strategy of providing unlimited cups of rice with its menu at 99 pesos (Sarap Pinoy Meals), it proves to be a great deal, the soup is particularly flavorsome going real well with fried chicken and barbecue. Goldilocks Philippines also serves Dinuguuan, Bopis and Binagoongan, we included these in our review because it’s really worth tasting, a lot of people though wish the servings were a lot more. The taste and overall dining experience in Goldilocks Philippines is truly worth recommending.

Goldilocks Philippines is continuously growing and it will not be a surprise that Filipinos will keep on supporting it. Dining here is always comfortable, cozy and most satisfying. Their cakes of course are always affordable and of top quality making them the center of attraction in dining tables. At malls and at every location, we ourselves will always come to Goldilocks Philippines, our taste buds and tummies are always satisfied.