Greenwich: Philippines’ Most Popular Pizza Chain

Greenwich is the Philippines’ champ when it comes to pizza. Here, Filipinos and even other cultures enjoy delicious pizza that’s flavorful and filling. As pizza became a globally popular food, Greenwich has added that indescribable Filipino taste which has gained them millions of loyal customers and eventually the success they’re experiencing now.

In 1971, Greenwich started out as an over the counter pizza store in Manila. Its operation was very simple at first catering to very few customers but because of perseverance and of course a delicious secret recipe, Greenwich has grown into a respectable pizza store and company. In 1994, Jollibee Foods Corporation joined in business with Greenwich and acquired 80% of the shares. In 2006, Jollibee managed to fully obtain the entire Greenwich company and ever since then expanded it to the most successful pizza store in the land. As of 2011, Greenwich achieved a whopping 4 billion pesos in revenue and today operates more than 330 stores.

More than just a pizza place, Greenwich is a successful restaurant with much to offer.

Satisfaction is achieved with every Greenwich menu. More than just a pizza store, Greenwich serves Italian cuisine such as pasta and the world’s all time favorite fried chicken. As the Philippines’s pride, Greenwich has added a distinct Filipino-ish flavor that’s so deliciously different from other food stores. It also serves rice with its combo menu which is always a hit to the people.

Greenwich is famous all over the land and is a preferred “tambayan” (place to hang out) by people. Here, get togethers and family moments are gladdening and satisfying. Check out Greenwich’s menu below, every item here is excitingly appetizing and surprisingly affordable.

Greenwich Menu

Greenwich: Philippines' Most Popular Pizza Chain

Greenwich Big Time Lunch / Snack Loads

All of these come with regular softdrinks

Bigtime Lunch A

1/2 Spaghetti, 1pc. Chicken, Rice, Softdrinks

Bigtime Lunch B

1/2 Spaghetti, 1 pc. Chicken, Rice, Ham and Cheese Pizza Bar, Sofdrink

Bigtime Lunch C

1 Lasagna, Nachos, Brownie, Softdrink

Bigtime Lunch D

1/2 Spaghetti, 1 pc. Chicken, 1 slice of their Special Overloaded Pizza, Brownie, Sofdrinks

Snack Load E

1/2 Spaghetti, Ham and Cheese Pizza Bar, Softdrink

Snack Load F

Baked Macaroni, Nachos, Softdrinks

Snack Load G

1 slice of Greenwich Special Overloaded Pizza, 1/2 Meaty Spaghetti, Softdrink


Greenwich Overloaded Pizzas

Greenwich Special Overload 18″ Pizza

Greenwich Special Overload Family Thin / Family Thick Rolled Edge

Greenwich Special Overload Double Thin / Double Thick Rolled Edge

Greenwich 7-Cheese Overload

Greenwich Ultimate Hawaiian Overload

Greenwich All Meat N’ Cheese Overload


Greenwich Extreme Cheese Overload

Greenwich Cheezy Blockbuster 18″ Pizza

Greenwich Extreme Cheese and Sausage 18″ Pizza

Greenwich Five Cheese and Garlic 18″ Pizza

Greenwich Triple Ham and Cheese 18″ Pizza

Greenwich Philly Cheese Steak Overload 18″ Pizza


Greenwich Classic Italian Pizza

Greenwich Pepperoni

18″ Pizza

Double Thin

Family Thin

Pizza Square

Greenwich Mozzarella

18″ Pizza

Pizza Square

Double Thin

Family Thin


Greenwich Classic Favorites

Greenwich Cheese pizza

Greenwich Ham and Cheese pizza

Greenwich Hawaiian pizza

Greenwich Garden Fresh pizza

Greenwich Special

Greenwich Sari-Sari Square pizza


Greenwich Pasta

Greenwich Lasagna

Large Lasagna

Beefy Baked Macaroni

Meaty Spaghetti

Greenwich Meatball Spaghetti Supreme


Greenwich Chicken

1 pc. Chicken Only

Chicken Quartet

1 pc. Chicken with Rice

2 pcs. Chicken with Rice


Greenwich Baked Rice Melt

Chili con Carne

Chicken ala King

Beef and Mushroom

Greenwich Side Dishes

Garlic Stix

Macaroni Salad Plus

Macaroni Salad

Nachoritos with Cheese

Extra Salsa or Extra Chili

Cheese Dip or Garlic Mayo Dip

Greenwich Fresh Salad

Greenwich Website, Online orders and Promos

For updates of prices and a visual of Greenwich’s delicious food, check out their website at also, they take online orders and delivery using a very simple to follow system. Just click on the “order now” tab which is located at the right side of the screen and a menu of the different meals will appear. Here, a look, description and a price list of the different pizzas and pasta will appear for you to choose from. You can click on the “add to cart” button and the system will list your order along with the summary of the total price of order. Greenwich’s system will then need your personal information and details for where to deliver.

Are you tired of the usual taste of lunch or mirienda? Try ordering thru Greenwich’s telephone line at 5-55-55 and expect a fast delivery of delicious rice meal combos and pizza.

Greenwich is the number 1 pizza and pasta place for the Filipinos

Greenwich review

Everything about Greenwich is something to love. From their delicious food to good service, Greenwich provides customers with a satisfying experience that will leave them coming for more. Pizza and pasta are of course Italian food but there’s something so Pinoy about Greenwich’s products. It has made these Italian foods more appealing to Pinoys of all classes. Here, families and friends whether rich or not, meet to enjoy, relax and dine.

Greenwich’s fried chicken is surprisingly so affordable at an amazingly delicious taste. Again, their recipe is so different from other food stores that offer fried chicken. At Greenwich, you will immediately taste fried chicken that’s full of zest. Salads and other side dishes also deserve praise. They seem so fresh to the taste you’ll be remembering these every time you eat food of the similar kind.

Overall, we think the crown of pizza and pasta should remain with Greenwich. It is an amazing dining place exactly for the Pinoy.

Greenwich Pizza Sauce Recipe

Have you ever wished you knew Greenwich’s secret pizza sauce recipe? So do we. Well here’s a pizza sauce that’s quite as tasty as the real Greenwich sauce. Enjoy.


1 (6 ounce) can tomato paste – it’s better to choose a leading brand for it’s thick and tasty
6 ounces warm water
3 tablespoons grated Parmesan cheese
1 teaspoon minced garlic
1/3 tablespoons honey
1 teaspoon anchovy paste (optional)
1 teaspoon onion powder
1/4 teaspoon dried oregano
1/4 teaspoon dried marjoram
1/2 teaspoon dried basil
1/4 teaspoon ground black pepper
1/8 teaspoon cayenne pepper
1/8 teaspoon dried red pepper flakes
salt – according to your taste

In a bowl, mix together all ingredients, try to break up clumps of cheese and allow to sit for 30 minutes. This way, the flavors of each ingredient blend in with the others. Spread over pizza dough and prepare pizza with all its garnishing.

Greenwich is the “pambansang” pizza. It is also the place where satisfying meals happen at price friendly rates. When compared to other pizza places, Greenwich is the obvious winner in terms of taste and price.