Hooters Philippines

Thank goodness Hooters Philippines is finally open! Besides, great food, Hooters Philippines excites the senses with great service from beautiful sights. Did you ever try chewing and whistling at the same time? At Hooters Philippines, you will surely want to do just that. Imagine biting into juicy, succulent hamburgers and chicken while friendly, professional, beautiful and sexy waitresses serve your drinks. HHmmmm that is best combination of dining experience ever!

Hooters Philippines is a restaurant franchised from Hooters in the USA. The name Hooters originated from the sound “hoot” which means to call out or sound off in appreciation of seeing a sexy lady. Hooters also means breasts in American slang. As a logo, Hooters Philippines as well as all Hooters stores make use of the owl which is famous for making hooting sounds. Hooters is famous for employing young and attractive females as waitresses who wear revealing clothes. They are dressed in skimpy tanktops and shorts while serving delicious American food and most of the time, they play their sex appeals up as part of their jobs.

Hooters Philippines is just one among the 450+ Hooters restaurants around the world. The combination of Hooters’ recipes and sexy waitresses makes every branch an attraction. Almost all locations serve alcoholic beverages and at Hooters Philippines, beer and other liquorish drinks are so enjoyable.

If the sound of Hooters Philippines’ alluring waitresses has raised your curiosity, wait till you read their menu:

Hooters Philippines Menu

Hooters Philippines

Hooters Philippines Salads

Salads need not all be vegetables, at Hooters Philippines, our favorite fried chicken and bacon can be tossed with other ingredients to make a really delicious salad. Here are some of Hooters Philippines’ versions which customers always order:

Hooters Philippines Cobb Salad

Ingredients include: Bacon, cheese, crunchy fried chicken, tomatoes, eggs and more ingredients to make your mouth water.

Hooters Philippines Grilled Chicken and Garden Salad

Ingredients include: Lettuce, tomatoes, cucumbers, onions, carrots, slices of grilled chicken on top. This yummy salad is fantastic, delicious and nutritious, this Hooters Philippines salad is light but nourishing.

Hooters Philippines Grilled Chicken Caesar Salad

Grilled chicken is tasty and is beautifully topping Romaine lettuce with shredded Parmesan cheese. You will be able to taste home style croutons and creamy Caesar dressing as well. This simple salad is so flavorful, you will probably want to know how it is made so you can make it at home.

                                                        Hooters Philippines Chicken Wings

Chicken at Hooters Philippines is tasty, it’s available in versions Breaded or Naked (no breading)

Daytona Beach Wings

Grilled chicken wings are great with a touch of sweet and spicy flavor. These delicious treats go well with your drinks.

Gourmet Chicken Wing Dinner

How would you like champagne with your chicken wings? Yes that’s right, tasty wings and a bottle of Moet Chandon champagne are great partners. Admiring Hooter girls while enjoying your meals are the best.

Hooters Philippines Boneless Wings

Did you know you can make chicken wings without the bones? It’s amazing we know! Delicious chicken can be munched on readily, dip it in a tasty sauce while drinking your beer.

                                                              Hooters Philippines Seafood

Among the favorite dishes at Hooters Philippines are seafood, take a peak at the following:

Steamed Shrimp

Snow Crab Legs

It’s rumored that these crabs came from Alaska. Theses crabs are cooked in a recipe that’s really mouth watering.

Steamed Clams Hooters Style

Do you like raw clams on half shells? We do too, they’re fun to eat every time.

Fish and Chips

If there’s a recipe for beer and fish, I’d choose this every time. Comes with coleslaw and steak fries.

Seafood Sampler

Mussels, shrimp cocktail, fried calamari and buffalo shrimps are yummy! This item is always sought by regular customers.

                                                             Hooters Philippines Sandwiches

All these Hooters Philippines sandwiches are served with a pickle, lettuce leaf and tomatoes. They also come with a selection of coleslaw, baked beans, or potato salad.

Big Fish Sandwich

Have you ever tried grilled fish in a sandwich? This is a must try, its completely delicious.

Buffalo Chicken

Yummy and soft fried chicken breast sandwiched in bread is delicious. It comes in a sauce that completely enhances the flavor.

Smothered Chicken

This is a favorite among Pinoys. Grilled chicken breast is delicious with mozzarella cheese, onions, green peppers and mushrooms.

Hooters Philippines Liquorish Beverages

San Miguel Beer – Light, Pale Pilsen, Super Dry, Strong Ice, Red Horse, Gold Eagle, Cervesa Negra

Imported beers: Budweiser, Bud Light, Corona Extra, Heineken, Miller Genuine Draft, Kirin

White Wines






Bourbon / Whiskey


Will I come back to Hooters Philippines anytime soon? Most Definitely!

Dining at Hooters Philippines is an experience worth remembering. The food here as well the waitresses are things that will stick to the memory for a very long time. Not only will your tummy be full but your eyes as well.

Dining is different at hooters. There’s always excitement and thrill when food comes along, that’s mainly because of the pretty and professional waitresses but of course the food is good too. It cannot be helped but to talk about the waitresses but it should be understood that one will not be able to avoid it. When was the last time a pretty and sexy Caucasian wearing a sando and short pants served you food? That does not happen in the Philippines quite often so the experience is somewhat different. They too are friendly and warm so the service is definitely great. There are Pinay waitresses as well and they too wear revealing clothes.

Everything on the Hooters Philippines menu is good. The taste is definitely American so expect a fresher and newer flavor (that’s if you’re too accustomed to Filipino cooking). Sandwiches here great, the mix of flavor of different ingredients are just a delight to the mouth. Dining and drinking at Hooters Philippines is worth finding and spending time. The feel is definitely terrific, its like you’re eating in the USA but in fact you’re at a table in Hooters Philippines.