Joey Pepperoni

Joey Pepperoni

Among the many pizza restaurants in the Philippines, the Joey Pepperoni pizza place is a stand out favorite. Here, tasty pepperoni and mouth watering cheese & mushroom pizzas will captivate your senses you will succumb to a second and third slice. Pizza is almost irresistible, and at Joey Pepperoni, that sure is the case. Just when you think you’re done with your meal, seeing delicious pasta and rice meals served to other tables will make you crave for it, everything here is deliciously tempting.

Filipinos love food and among their favorites are good Italian pizza and pasta. Joey Pepperoni provides exactly that plus so much more. Here, you can savor rice meals as well barbecued chicken and bread all with an Italian touch. Count on Joey Pepperoni to serve you tasty pizza with generous toppings of ham, bacon, onions rings, beef and loads of delicious cheese. If you’re asking how their pasta is, it’s simply to love! Joey Pepperoni’s lasagna, spaghetti, pesto and carbonara are all so heavenly delicious. Once you taste their pasta, your personal bar of excellence with food will be raised a notch higher.

Joey Pepperoni is a local casual eating place that sets the mood for Italian and American dining. It’s operated by Joey Pepperoni Inc and has several stores all over Metro Manila. It now is gaining much respect and popularity among Filipinos for it serves delicious and affordable meals. Check out their menu below:

Joey Pepperoni Menu

Find out for yourself why the following are best sellers and absolute favorites, Joey Pepperoni with their Italian and American recipes are fantastically delicious.

Joey Pepperoni Pizza

Joey Pepperoni Pizza- Get a load of Joey Pepperoni‘s own recipe of pepperoni. This pizza is overloaded with delicious ingredients and is a best seller.

Joey Pepperoni Margherita Pizza- Pizza is always delicious with fresh tomatoes and added basil leaves.

Joey Pepperoni Luka Pizza- can you believe pesto cream with shrimps, garlic, and onions can taste great on pizza? You have to taste it and find out for yourself.

Joey Pepperoni Quattro Formaggi Pizza- If you love cheese, this variant is for you: loads of mozzarella, cheddar, parmesan, and white cheese top your pizza

Joey Pepperoni The Works Pizza- A heavyweight among pizza, this Philippine favorite is comprised of smoked ham, pepperoni, bacon bits, salami, mushroom, beef bits, onions, bell pepper, and black olives on tasty pizza sauce and cheese.

Joey Pepperoni 3-Cheese and Mushroom Pizza- What a tasty pizza! Savor delicious mozzarella, white cheese, and cheddar mixed with Béchamel, anchovies, mushroom, and onion that’s caramelized. This kind of pizza is just a recipe from heaven.

Joey Pepperoni Taco Pizza- What you see in taco can now be tasted in pizza. Enjoy delicious mozzarella, beef toppings, tomatoes, white onion, and cheddar cheese.

Joey Pepperoni Beefy Mushroom Pizza- Overload your taste buds with the flavor of beef and mushrooms, mozzarella, cheddar cheese, toasted bacon bits, white onion on top of crust and Italian pizza sauce.

Joey Pepperoni Mushroom Alfredo Pizza- Generous amounts of béchamel, mozzarella, ham, garlic, mushroom, red onions, and toasted bacon bits top this pizza, mmm delicious. This best seller is a favorite among families visiting Joey Pepperoni.

Joey PepperoniPasta

Aglio Olio- This Joey Pepperoni pasta is simply loveable. It’s light pasta blended with olive oil and minced garlic.

Bolognese- Using classic meat sauce in spaghetti just makes you appreciate Italian culture. Delicious and a favorite among all patrons, this item cannot and must not be out of the menu.

Pasta Al Tonno- Joey Pepperoni creates a terrific recipe with tuna and pasta. Ingredients are tossed with olive oil and bell peppers.

Carbonara- A sure hit, this pasta is blended with white creamy Alfredo sauce, bacon bits, and parmesan cheese. College students as well as young professionals dig this on the menu.

Pesto- Simple yet loveable, this Joey Pepperoni pasta is topped with traditional pesto sauce, beans and potatoes.

Chicken Parmigiana- Now this you should order, fantastic and preferred by most, this Joey Pepperoni pasta is cooked with Pomodoro sauce, topped with fried chicken and melted mozzarella cheese.

Gamberi- Pomodoro sauce with shrimps and bacon on pasta may seem simple at first but gosh can it taste good! If you want a light meal but still filling, you have got to take this one on.

Lasagna ala Bolognese- Now this is the ultimate pasta to order. Lasagna sheets filled with classic sweet Bolognese and béchamel sauce are delicious. They are topped with mozzarella and parmesan cheese and everything just blends heavenly in the mouth. You will want to talk with the chef with this one and take the recipe home.

Joey Pepperoni Italian Sandwiches

Panino Alla Salsiccia- This sausage Panini encloses the one of a kind Hungarian sausage, some onions, and bell pepper topped with mozzarella and parmesan cheese.

Panino Al Tonno- Joey Pepperoni has the best tuna Panini in town. Get a load of a tuna sandwich with black olives, tomatoes, mozzarella, parmesan, and lettuce.

Panino Contadino- This is an attractive meal and a great Joey Pepperoni grilled pesto chicken Panini. Taste grilled chicken fillet with pesto cream spread, mozzarella, cheddar cheese, black olives and onions in beautifully designed bread.

Should I call my friends and dine at Joey Pepperoni?

Joey Pepperoni is a good place to dine, that’s for certain. This casual pizza restaurant serves food with a traditional touch mixed with modern innovations sure to delight your senses. As pizza becomes a globally favored meal, one who tastes pizza here first would think all other pizza tasted outside this restaurant would come short of delicious. Pasta too, is a favorite in Joey Pepperoni. Most adults and young professionals love Joey Pepperoni’s pasta. Spaghetti here is more Italian flavored unlike those in fast foods where they’re sweet (that’s for kids’ taste, some would comment).

If I were in the mood for Italian-American food today, would I go to Joey Pepperoni? Oh yes, most definitely! Joey Pepperoni is a cool place to hang out and I most definitely would call my friends to enjoy their terrific Italian sandwiches and pasta. At Joey Pepperoni, I would certainly be satisfied with Italian-American flavor.