Junior Double Down

Junior Double Down Menu Item and Review

Junior Double Down

Junior Double Down

The Junior Double Down is a downgrade to its great big brother – The double Down. You would probably sense some sort of negativity to this post – I mean, why down grade? But hey, listen – they may have had the idea that this should be an appetizer. Or maybe, they saw the need to balance the meat and the veggies.
The thing is, you may have to order this on top of your usual 2 piece chicken meal, and it wouldn’t hurt that much.

Value meal and Combo

From KFC:
A junior-sized all-meat sandwich with two Original Recipe Chicken fillet, bacon, cheese and mayo.
The combo is the usual drinks and fries. Of course you can always add more to this junior.


Php 80 ala carte
Php 120 Combo
a large coke would be additional 15, rice too would be in that number, along with the fixin. Piece of advice: go for the fully loaded if this happens.

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