KFC 1 piece Chicken and Rice

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KFC 1 piece Chicken and Rice

KFC 1 piece Chicken and Rice

This is also what you eat when you are a littl efed up with chicken and just want to have some protein in you. You’ll soon discover that eating KFC chicken actually meakes you love chicken even more.

Value meal and Combo

From KFC:
Choose from Original Recipe or Hot & Crispy chicken and couple it with steamy rice for a meal that hits you just right.
The combo is basically a drink, 2 pieces of chicken, rice and that’s it. Adding some more fixins will cost you, just like that extra rice you have just thought of man!


Php 75.00 only

If you are on a diet, get thi smeal; If you are short on cash, get this meal; If you are hungry, go big time and order the bucket for yourself.

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