KFC 15 Piece Barrel

KFC 15 Piece BarrelMenu Item and Review

KFC Barrel 15 piece chicken

This 15 piece barrel set is a collection of the most delicious fried chicken you can eat. Seriously. The 15 set is good enough for an entire week!
Enjoy this set if the 21 piece barrel is too much, if not, go upgrade.

Value meal and Combo

From KFC:
A bucket loaded to the brim with juicy and tender Original Recipe or Hot & Crispy chicken.
15 is the number of chickens you will be eliminating tonight. Go get it champ!


Php 900
This is about 345 cheaper than its big brother, the 15 piece monster barrel. If you can afford it and there are plaenty of mouths to feed, get the 21.

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