KFC 2 piece Chicken and Rice

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KFC 2 piece Chicken and Rice

KFC 2 piece Chicken and Rice

If you are a very hungry person and you have got to have you fill, order this set, then have an extra rice, that is the way to go. KFC 2 pc with is always great, but add the right orders and it becomes legendary.

Value meal and Combo

From KFC:
Extra hungry? Try filling up with two pieces of any of our chicken variants,a cup of rice, and lots of gravy.
The combo is basically a drink, 2 pieces of chicken, rice and that’s it. Adding some more fixins will cost you, just like that extra rice you have just thought of man!


Php 99 ala carte
Php 110 ala carte
a large coke would be additional 15, rice too would be in that number, along with the fixin. Piece of advice: go for the fully loaded is this happens.

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