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BreakfastKFC Breakfast at KFC Menu Item and Review

Looks like KFC is joining the break revolution – they are now on a mission to get a hold of the breakfast market. Well, they should have good coffee.
These are only on select locations though ans theit website does not say much. I guess we should find out our selves and anticipate.

Here are my expectations:
1. Pancakes – should be better thatn macDonalds or Jollibee’s. should be way better.
2. Coffee – can they consider unlimited coffee??
3. Chicken Sausage – KFC style chicken Sausage should be the best.
4. Eggs – Eggs came first not the chicken. Dinosaurs have eggs!

Breakfasta at KFC

But really, They are offering the best arsenal of breakfast – choco whip pancake is neat! And they have a fully loaded breakfast that will get you ready to go. They also have the hashbrown. Nice right?
Now I am still trying to get to KFC in the morning so I can try some of this stuff. Apparently, I could not find one.

Value meal and Combo

You can combo with the hashbrown, looks like the prices are playing in the Php 80 to Php 115 range. We’ll do a one on one review on their menu. I am just excited now that they have breakfast – and it may have taken me a longer time to know.

From KFC :
Find the nearest KFC breakfast store near you.


starts at Php 80

Breakfasta at KFC Delivery Details

Pleas visit http://www.kfc.com.ph/toasted