KFC Bucket Meal Delivery

KFC Bucket MealDining with your family or group of friends has never been more fun with KFC Bucket Meal! It’s simply so convenient to choose the KFC Bucket Meal since it contains a complete group meal. We all know the feeling of standing in line for a long time trying to think of what to order for ourselves and what to get for our family members or friends. Well, all that is over with the launching of the KFC Bucket Meal! With the KFC Bucket Meal, you get a selection of great food available in KFC such as the Hot and Crispy chicken or the Original Recipe. Included in the KFC Bucket Meal are the steamed rice, choice of drinks, and not to forget the KFC signature gravy. What a way to save time and money because when you avail of the KFC Bucket Meal, you get a great deal rather than ordering them separately. With the KFC Bucket Meal, you not only get to enjoy a great dining experience with your family or friends but you also save money.

Treat your family and friends with a KFC Bucket Meal!

KFC Bucket Meal Description

What better way to show your love for your family and friends than by treating them to their favorite KFC Bucket Meal? Who can resist the mouthwatering Original Recipe or the Hot and Crispy Fried Chicken from KFC? The KFC Bucket Meal is composed of a complete meal that a group can enjoy. Whether it is a family gathering or a friends’ get-together, the KFC Bucket Meal is the best choice! Now, you can enjoy a bucket of your favorite Kentucky Fried Chicken that’s filled up to the brim. You can choose a bucket of Original Recipe or Hot and Crispy or you can have a mixed bucket. There are drinks, brownies, mashed potatoes and the very delicious KFC gravy. Ordering the KFC bucket meal is really a great choice for family and friends.

Contents of the KFC Bucket Meal:

A bucket full of your favorite KFC Original Recipe or Hot and Crispy Chicken

A choice of Pepsi drinks

Mashed Potatoes



KFC Gravy


The KFC bucket meal is the complete menu to treat your family and friends.

KFC Bucket Meal Product Review

First, the KFC Bucket Meal can save you time, then it can save you on money, then, full satisfaction is achieved with the world famous and delicious fried chicken. If you’re going out with the gang, it’s more ideal to order the KFC Bucket Meal, with this you’ll be paying less for more, isn’t that just smart?

Once again, KFC has outdone itself by offering and providing their customers with a quick and delicious way to enjoy the KFC recipes. Now, people won’t have to stand in line for a long time, deciding on what to order. Once you choose the KFC Bucket Meal, you get the complete menu of steamed rice, drinks of your choice, a bucket of chicken which is Hot and Crispy or Original Recipe, and the additional side-dishes such as brownies, coleslaw, or mashed potatoes. Imagine the time and money that one can save by choosing the KFC Bucket Meal. No more standing around in a line, no more difficult decisions to make when ordering in your favorite KFC restaurant. Just pick the KFC Bucket Meal and you, including your family and friends can enjoy the Kentucky Fried Chicken experience!

If it’s fried chicken you crave, KFC is the answer. Choose from the original or the hot and spicy flavor to please your discriminating taste for chicken. The KFC Bucket Meal is a great deal with you coming out as the winner, so the next time you visit KFC, order the KFC Bucket Meal.