KFC Chicken Fillet

How would you like to have a delicious, tasty and scrumptious KFC chicken fillet sandwiched in a bun for a snack? If you ask me, I’d love to! This is one of my favorite sandwiches in the KFC menu and it would be great to bite in into this exciting sandwich anytime of the day.

The KFC chicken fillet is a terrific choice for take outs or dine ins. For a guy like me who always eats and has to run, this sandwich is the best for it is filling at the same time satisfying.

The KFC chicken fillet is an ideal quick meal if you’re on the go.

KFC Chicken Fillet Description

KFC Chicken Fillet

Not too small and not too big, the KFC chicken fillet is just the perfect size for a quick munch. Every KFC chicken product is tasty inside out and this one is perfect with bread. Boneless whole – meat chicken fillet is just great. It’s delicious and so soft and juicy inside.

The KFC chicken fillet has bread that is soft and its mild sweetness blends well with the chicken. It is topped with crunchy sesame seeds and has an attractive split design to its bun. Expect green lettuce and cheese in your KFC chicken fillet, each ingredient’s individual flavor is simple but adds more life to the whole sandwich.

The KFC chicken fillet is available in Pepper Mayo or Cheesy Crunch variants.

I’d grab the KFC chicken fillet anytime I can.

KFC Chicken Fillet Review

I love KFC and certainly hold the KFC chicken fillet special. A lot of fast food restaurants tried to copy or match this sandwich with a version of their own but it seems none can surpass the taste KFC has raised. At a budget friendly price and a pretty descent serving size, I’d say the KFC chicken fillet is a winner. This sandwich is awesome in every way. It is attractive to look at and when you taste it, it’ll make you feel thankful for the right choice.

Have you ever wished you had the KFC chicken fillet secret recipe? Oh I’ve dreamed of it ever since I first tasted it. As a food lover, I tried several recipes for chicken fillet but cannot duplicate the one in KFC. Instead, I tried some other recipe that is quite familiar to many but is simpler and more cost efficient. Try this recipe at home and surprise your family with a delicious home made chicken cuisine ala KFC chicken fillet.

Home-made Breaded KFC Chicken Fillet


2 tbsp all-purpose flour

1/2 cup dry breadcrumbs

oil for frying 4 pieces chicken breast fillets

Small sachet of Ajinomoto ginisa mix

1 1/2 tbsp calamansi juice

2 large eggs

salt to taste


How to cook the Breaded KFC Chicken Fillet

1. Lay your chicken fillets flat until the meat is of even thickness, approximate it to 1/2 inch.

2. Cut meat into even serving portions and soak in calamansi juice. After that, coat with Ajinomoto ginisa mix. Let stand 20 min.

3. Beat eggs and sprinkle with salt, then 2 tablespoons of water.

4. Coat each chicken fillet with flour then dip in the egg mixture.

5. Roll in breadcrumbs and deep fry in hot oil until golden brown.

6. Drain in paper towels and serve.

The KFC chicken fillet is a fantastic merienda (snack). It’s all delicious, filling, affordable and absolutely enjoyable. Order a KFC chicken fillet the next time you go to KFC and be amazed with how a simple sandwich can taste so great.