KFC Krushers

KFC KrushersThe first time I have tasted KFC Krushers, my mind was literally blown away! I think it was released during a summer in the Philippines and a great number of people were really into it. Whenever I poked my head in the restaurant, there was definitely a long line of people ready for more of that delightful KFC Krushers! You would think that only children can get hooked on this wonderful experience that the KFC Krushers provide, but no, even grown-ups are enjoying the great taste of every flavor available for the KFC Krushers. It’s like there is a party in your mouth!

KFC Krushers come in a variety of flavors that all individuals will surely like and love. The classis flavors are the Cookies ‘n Cream, Mocha Krunch, and Rockin’ Road. The smoothie flavors contain fruity bits mixed in and there are three amazing flavors that you can try. These are: Mango Mania,Strawberry Lush, and Berry Banana. All of them are super yummy, but you’ll have to try each in order to agree with me. There are also flavors that made especially in each country. Try the ones in your country now!

Taste the lusciousness of the newest in KFC desserts- the KFC Krushers!

KFC Krushers Description

KFC Krushers is the answer to all those who have been waiting for the perfect milkshake and frappe combination. KFC Krushers is available in a variety of delectable flavors ranging from sorbet, yogurt, and regular KFC Krushers flavor. But whatever favor one chooses, KFC guarantees that each costumer enjoys the excessively rich taste of each flavor.

Fruits, Chocolate, and other ingredients depending on the flavor chosen are expertly mixed with white ice cream and yogurt. It is the perfect dessert for anybody who has a sweet tooth. KFC Krushers is served in a very eye-catching cup that is both great-looking and is quite easy to hold.


KFC Krushers is the best way to get cool and stay cool in this warm weather!

KFC Krushers Review

When KFC first released the KFC Krushers, it created quite a stir for it was really exciting! In addition to the brownies, KFC now offers another dessert option for those craving for something sweet right after a delicious meal. However, KFC Krushers is not just a dessert that can be enjoyed after a meal; anybody can enjoy its delectability at any time and any place. At any climate or season, the KFC Krushers provide a great way to stay cool, I would definitely order this again and again.

Not only does KFC Krushers provide a delicious drink, it also comes in a variety of flavors that you will always come back for. Try one flavor now and you will surely get hooked. Try another flavor of KFC Krushers next time and enjoy another wonderful experience that will blow your mind!

KFC Krushers Recipe

If you would like to know how your favorite KFC Krushers is made, here is a recipe that you can try at home.

For 1 Serving of KFC Krushers, here are the things you will need to prepare:


1 cup of Vanilla-flavored ice cream

2/3 cup of water

Ice- cubed or crushed

1/3 cup of fresh milk

Toppings- Here you can choose fruits such as banana and strawberry or you can try Kitkat or Oreo


How To Prepare:

  1. Put vanilla ice cream, ice, cold water and milk in a blender and mix well.
  2. After blending well, mix in your favorite toppings and once again, mix it using a blender. Blend for a longer time if you want smaller fruit or chocolate bits.
  3. Done!!! Put in a cup and you are ready to enjoy your KFC Krushers!


KFC Krushers is the coolest way to relax and unwind. Get your deliciously flavored KFC Krushers today at any KFC outlet.