KFC Online Delivery Review

Is KFC online delivery awesome or what? I and my friends love KFC and we’re so thankful we received our fully loaded meals just in time for our favorite soap opera last week. Watching is so much fun while eating scrumptious chicken and a deliciously sweet brownie.

Do you want KFC online delivery to bring you your meals and desserts in the office? They are right on track with every delivery plus they get to your place at the quickest time possible. How would you like a cool KFC krusher during mirienda, or how about a bucket full of crispy delicious fried chicken for dinner? Mmmmm yummy KFC is just a treat and a way of showing your family how much you love them. Make an order today with the KFC online delivery and surprise your loved ones with a tasty meal.

KFC Online Delivery Description

If you want food delivered on your doorstep that’s fast and accurate, the KFC online delivery is the one for you. Serving you with utmost professionalism, service crews are ready to receive your orders observing accuracy and courteousness all the time. Riders are quick, careful and skilled to arrive at your place fast.

When you’re surfing the net, KFC online delivery Philippines can be reached through https://kfcdelivery.com.ph/#menu and here, you will be able to click pictures of your favorite meals to order. Upon clicking the food you desire, a box on the right side shows your order with the corresponding price so you immediately know how much you’re supposed to pay. After that, click on “I’m done ordering” and then details on payment will be shown. Isn’t that easy?

If you’re in the Metro Manila area, ordering a meal is so easy with the KFC online delivery. Just dial 887-8888 for a great service. Minimum food purchase is 200 pesos and there’s a 10% delivery charge on all prices. Savor the goodness of KFC food products at very low prices, order today!

If you’re having a party, meeting or seminar, catering is also possible with the KFC online delivery. For bulk orders, just call 370-1253. Serve your guests with delicious burgers, fried chicken and desserts.

KFC online delivery– 887-8888 Metro Manila area

KFC online delivery catering – 370-1253

***Cancellation of KFC online delivery orders must be done via 887-8888 within 5 minutes of ordering


KFC Online Delivery Menu

Chicken ala carte at KFC online delivery

1pc/ 2pc chicken with rice and gravy –          Savor delicious fried chicken that’s soft and juicy inside, with a                                                                  serving of rice and great tasting gravy


Supreme bowl ala king

Supreme bowl Kung Pao

Flavor shots – mushroom gravy

Flavor shots – sweet chili


Bucket meal at KFC online delivery

A.         Justice League Bucket meal

Justice League Bucket meal with brownies

Justice League Bucket             meal with spoonfuls

– This delicious bucket meal is comprised of mouth watering fried chicken in original or hot and             spicy flavor contained in a limited Justice League buckets.


Regular Bucket meal

Regular Bucket meal with brownies

Regular Bucket meal with spoonfuls

–          in original or hot and spicy flavor


b.         Streetwise bucket meal

Streetwise Bucket meal with brownies

Streetwise Bucket meal with spoonfuls

-in original and hot and spicy flavor


C.         big chicken packs – original/hot and spicy

Box of 6/ bucket of 15 – original/hot and spicy

Barrel of 21 – original/hot and spicy


Fully loaded at KFC online delivery

a. Fully loaded meal treat

b. 2pc Fully loaded meal treat

c. Twister fully loaded meal


Sandwiches at KFC online delivery

Chicken burger

BBQ burger

Chicken fillet


Twister – California Makati twister two freshly prepared, Extra Crispy white meat chicken strips with shredded iceberg lettuce, fresh tomatoes, and pepper mayo sauce – all wrapped together in a soft, warm tortilla.


Snacks at KFC online delivery

Regular shots / large shots

Snack box

Bucket of fries

5 pc original recipe bites


Pasta at KFC online delivery

Chicken Alfredo pasta bowl

Creamy tomato pasta bowl



Salad at KFC online delivery

Garden salad

Chicken salad


Krushers at KFC online delivery

Cookies n cream

Rockin’ road

Mais con hielo


Yoghurt at KFC online delivery

Strawberry lush

Mango mania

Mixed berries


Mini krushers at KFC online delivery

Mini chocolate

Mini strawberry

Mini mango


Drinks at KFC online delivery

Bottled water




Extras at KFC online delivery


Split buns

Gravy / large gravy

Chicken ala king sauce

Kung pao sauce

Mushroom soup


Fixins at KFC online delivery

Regular crispy fries / large crispy fries

Regular mashed potatoes/ large mashed potatoes

Regular coleslaw / large coleslaw

Regular macaroni / large macaroni
Desserts at KFC Online Delivery

Choco banana cream

Chocolate mouse

Mango cheese cake

Chocolate tiramisu


KFC Online Delivery Review

Whenever we’re up for fried chicken, KFC is always on our mind. We commend KFC online delivery for it is fast and really accurate. Ordering is so easy plus their website is user friendly, even kids can understand how to order. While their service is great, it must be noted however that online ordering has to be done from 9:00 in the morning up until 11:00 pm only.

KFC online delivery numbers are 887-8888 ***Metro Manila area only, while KFC online delivery catering is- 370-1253. Delicious KFC meals are just a click away. Order your favorite meals, snacks and desserts with the KFC online delivery today.