Krispy Kreme Philippines


Krispy Kreme Philippines is a top hang out and food store for Filipinos who want a taste of great donuts. Here, you can enjoy soft, delicious and satisfying donuts that are a mile away in quality and taste compared to all other brands. Krispy Kreme Philippines prides itself with world class donut recipes that are difficult to match and copy, according to many food web sites and magazines, Krispy Kreme just does a divine job of satisfying customers.

Krispy Kreme Philippines

Thank heavens there’s a Krispy Kreme Philippines in this time of age, a lot of people including Philippine actors and other celebrities just crave for these donuts and go to the extent of ordering them from other countries before there was one here in Manila. The taste and feel of Krispy Kreme Philippines donuts in the mouth is just heavenly! It’s like no other, you’ll end up agreeing with us that Krispy Kreme Philippines is a recipe from heaven. Krispy Kreme Philippines first served its world famous donuts in November 30, 2006 in Fort Bonifacio in Taguig City. It was greeted by Filipinos with warm welcome that in only a few months, a second and third Krispy Kreme Philippines was opened. The corporation Real American Donut Company, Inc. owns the franchise to Krispy Kreme Philippines. It, along with the top honchos of Max’s Restaurant operates this successful donut store. Branches now have opened all over Metro Manila and due to popular demand, a few have opened in the cities in Cebu and Pampanga.

A perfect snack, baon and pasalubong, Krispy Kreme Philippines donuts are simply the best! Let your kids, family and friends have a taste of superb donuts and get loads of thanks in return. Check out these Krispy Kreme Philippines donut varieties:

Krispy Kreme Philippines Menu

Krispy Kreme Philippines Original Glazed

These donuts are famous worldwide! They are simply delicious and Krispy Kreme Philippines does just the perfect job of bringing the original recipe from the USA here. Famous since the 1930s, it is loved in America and now a favorite in the Philippines as well. This donut in Krispy Kreme Philippines is the top selling variety, it magically melts in your mouth and the balance of firmness and softness is absolutely great. Don’t let its simple appearance throw you off, the Krispy Kreme Philippines Original Glazed is the reason Krisy Kreme became so successful.

Chocolate Iced Glazed

Smooth chocolate icing is delicious on original glazed doughnuts. They still melt in the mouth and are perfect as desserts or snacks.


Chocolate Iced with Sprinkles

Krispy Kreme Philippines made the chocolate iced doughnut even more attractive, colorful candy sprinkles top the doughnut which is sweet and a favorite among the young and a young at heart.


Peanut Butter and Creme

If you think Krispy Kreme Philippines doughnuts are delicious on its own already, wait till you taste it with Reese’s peanut butter combined with creamy vanilla icing


Hershey’s Cookies and Kreme

This is a favorite among teens and young adults. This creamy doughnut has an attractive topping of Hershey’s Cookies and Cream


Traditional Cake

This Krispy Kreme Philippines doughnut looks simple, yet tastes so marvelous. It is a classic, moist and rich cake and doughnut in one


Glazed Cruller

This is a cake doughnut made in a cruller shape and topped off with a layer of glaze


White Chocolate Iced Birthday Doughnut

A simple present when a birthday cake is not available. This doughnut is ultra delicious and is attractively decorated as a mini cake. Somehow, the texture and feel is even better than a cake.


Caramel Kreme Crunch

Wow! Experience for yourself why this Krispy Kreme Philippines variant is a favorite of a famous Filipino movie actress. Delicious caramel and toppings decorate a glazed doughnut and the taste is just awesome.


Chocolate Iced Cake

Inside this popular Krispy Kreme Philippines doughnuts are unmatched recipes for custard and cream. As fillings, custard and cream are perfect with mouth melting doughnuts, they are also iced with luscious chocolate.


Peanut Butter and Kreme

A must taste Krispy Kreme Philippines treat. This sweet donut is among the best served, peanut butter thinly decorate a donut with a hole and has glaze on top


If you ask us what rating to give the Krispy Kreme Philippines donuts, we instantly say to you it’s a two thumbs up! But wait, there are hundreds of us eating Krispy Kreme Philippines donuts right now so you’ll have to multiply those thumbs up by several hundred folds, that’s how great their donuts are.

Without a doubt, Krispy Kreme Philippines donuts are the best in the country. Their substance, creaminess, smoothness, softness, texture, filling and taste are just far better than any other donut brand in the land. Be warned however that Krispy Kreme Philippines donuts are quite addicting, once tasted, the flavor will just stick to the memory so well you’ll crave for it every time you think of a doughnut. Every flavor on the Krispy Kreme Philippines menu is delectable. There’s no other doughnut we know of that can match its superb quality. Chocolate, custard, cream and other icings and toppings are generously incorporated with the doughnuts and this is what we love. We definitely feel our money has real value with these donuts. Since its opening in 2006, no other doughnut flavor has topped the Krispy Kreme Philippines flavor.