Lots a Pizza

According to recent business news, Lots a Pizza as a company is now one of the top fast food businesses enjoying a comfortable place in the Pinoy market today. What makes this possible is the obvious reason that Lots a Pizza is superbly delicious and captivating to people of all ages period!

Lots-a-PizzaLots a Pizza is continuously expanding and building new outlets to accommodate the ever increasing number of customers who recognize a great deal when they see one- delicious pizza at a price Pinoys would love. Lots a Pizza has not only captured the Pinoy taste but has also garnered several entrepreneurial awards for being the Best Local Franchise, Fastest Growing Franchise as well as Best in Supporting Franchises (wouldn’t you just want to be on their team). Currently, Lots a Pizza has 77 franchised stores and 39 company owned outlets in the country.

Earlier, Mr. Eduardo Ngan Tian was only selling banana cue, peanuts, burgers and siopao as snack to students, adding pizza to his list of menu proved to be such a hit that he created his first pizza business – the Lots a Pizza in 1987. He got so pumped up and positive about this venture that he convinced his wife who was then working at San Beda College Alabang to leave her job and concentrate instead on making pizzas as a business. The husband and wife tandem studied, researched and created what is now an awesome pizza recipe Filipinos can’t get enough of. Lots a Pizza boasts of a unique parbaked pizza crust and sauce crated after much time of study in the USA. This formula is so successful when it reached the Philippines that in the year 2000, customers have multiplied so great Mr. Tian finally decided to franchise Lots a Pizza.

Lots a Pizza parbaked pizza crust

If you’re curious just how much Filipinos love Lots a Pizza, drop by any time and taste their delicious recipes. Each pizza variant has a crust that is baked with the best texture and chewiness you’ll instantly appreciate. Lots a Pizza’s crust is uniquely chewy but at the same time crunchy, this is the result of having low sugar and oil upon baking thus yielding the non tough crust. Lots a Pizza also has a delicious pizza sauce that is a bit sweet with the goodness of sautéed herbs and spices that appeal to the Pinoys.

The Lots a Pizza Menu

Lots a Pizza Best Sellers

Chicken Pepperoni Pizza


This Lots a Pizza recipe is a favorite among high school and college students, its ingredients include chicken pepperonis, pineapple tidbits, green pepper, cheese and Lots a Pizza sauce.


Lots a Pizza Double wHAMmy


As the name implies, it showcases pizza with all ham with lots of cheese. A must buy for ham lovers.


Great Manhattan
Always a favorite and absolutely delicious, tasty beef, pepperonis, spiced hams, pineapple tidbits, mushrooms and green pepper strips top this pizza with generous servings of cheese. This is perennially ordered by groups and families.


Lots a Pizza Hawaiian Delight
Yummy! Savor tasty ham, pineapple tidbits, cheese and the unique Lots a Pizza sauce in this simple but scrumptious pizza.


Pepperoni N’ Mushroom
A choice among young professionals, this pizza is always ordered because of its delicious pepperonis, sliced mushrooms, and green bell pepper bits, cheese and Lots a Pizza sauce.


Purebeef Special
A delight to the mouth! Beef cuts, mushrooms, and green bell pepper bits, cheese and Lots a Pizza sauce top a parbaked crust. This is a winner of a recipe.



Lots a Pizza Combos

Ariba Beef Nachos
This pizza is attractive and delicious! Pieces of beef, white onions, corn kernels, bell peppers, nacho chips and cheese top it.

Bacon Fiesta
The Lots a Pizza sauce is tasty and even more delicious with bacons, pineapple tidbits, whole corn kernels and cheese.

Roast Beef N’ Cheese
This Lots a Pizza variant is ordered everyday, find out how good it is with its deli-ready roast beef and white onion rings.

Pizza Festiva
A sure hit, this delicious Lots a Pizza has Italian pellet beef, large pepperonis, white onion chunks, bell pepper bits and yummy cheese.

Garden Harvest
Get a load of mushrooms, pineapple tidbits, corn kernels, green peppers, onion rings and cheese topping this much favored pizza. Everything is fresh, tasty and yummy!


Lots a Pizza– Primera


These Lots a Pizza variants are simpler but in no way inferior to other variants. They are exactly for those who want their food simple, delicious and affordable. The crust is ever so crunchy and chewy.

Bacon Blaze
Bacon , cheese and Lots a Pizza sauce

Beef Honcho
Pellet beef, cheese and Lots a Pizza sauce

Purely Pepperoni
Pepperonis, cheese and Lots a Pizza sauce


Lots a Pizza – Pasta Menu



Baked Macaroni


Lots a Pizza is a fast food Pinoys are to be proud of. Their flavor, service and prices are ideal for the Filipino and likewise admired by foreign nationals. As food lovers, we noted how different and superior Lots a Pizza’s crusts are. Usually, people leave out the pizza crusts due to their toughness but with Lots a Pizza’s, you will be able to enjoy eating every part of the delicious pizza. Everything in Lots a Pizza’s serving is tasty, in one instance we ordered a Pizza Festiva and picked out single ingredients at a time and we noticed that their beef pellets are really well cooked and flavored. Its pepperonis are also of great quality plus the onions are fresh and crunchy due to their chunked cuts.

Overall, Lots a Pizza is indeed a great place to dine in. Its recipes are simple but in that simplicity comes great taste that is really hard to match even among leading pizza store names. If you want to bring home a cool and delicious pasalubong to the family after work, we suggest you make it the Lots a Pizza.