Mang Inasal Menu

Mang Inasal MenuIf you want a great deal to satisfy your enormous appetite, the Mang Inasal Menu is the one to choose from. With the most reasonable prices covering a variety of meals, the Mang Inasal menu will make you feel like a winner! Really, your money’s worth is guaranteed with filling and satisfying meals. Have you ever heard of unlimited items offered by restaurants? Well, the Mang Inasal Menu offers unlimited rice and that’s the best deal a Pinoy can ever want. Eating big servings of chicken and pork is gratifying with cups and cups of rice.

Mang Inasal is a Filipino restaurant chain that offers delicious chicken barbecue as the main product. It’s recipe is uniquely delicious with big chicken servings marinated, skewered over charcoal and served over banana leaves, it’s a real Pinoy recipe everybody loves. The Mang Inasal Menu is excellent, everything in it is 100% delicious.

Check out the always mouth watering Mang Inasal Menu

Mang Inasal Menu – Paborito Meals (PM)

These meals are solo meals composed of meats and fish barbecued in an inasal way. Their secret recipe to this Mang Inasal Menu is one of a kind. Everything in this Mang Inasal Menu is 99 pesos only!

1. PM 1 paa

Barbecued chicken leg and thigh with unlimited rice

2. PM 1.5 paa

Barbecued chicken leg and thigh with unlimited rice (in spicy flavor)

3. PM 2 pecho

Barbecued chicken breast and wing with unlimited rice

4. PM 3 Pork inasal

3 sticks skewering pork, barbecued in inasal way, unlimited rice

5. PM 4 – Bangus sisig, unlimited rice

6. PM 5 – Pork sisig, unlimited rice

7. PM 6 – Boneless bangus, unlimited rice

8. PM 7 – grilled liempo, unlimited rice


  • This Mang Inasal menu excludes drinks. Add 19 pesos to have a 12 oz Coke

Mang Inasal Menu – Grupo Meal

This is a “sulit” meal is composed of:

3 paa or pecho (leg – thigh or breast – wing), ginataang kangkong, kamote chips, 3 plain rice, 3 buko pandan jellies, 3 – 16oz Coke

    Mang Inasal Menu – Mirienda meals

Pancit Malabon

Arroz caldo


Pan Inasal

Ginataang halo-halo

Mang Inasal Pie

Mang Inasal Menu Sulit meals (SM)

SM 1-  1 pc. Chicken Leg with rice

SM 2- 1 pc. Chicken Thigh with rice

SM 3- 1 pc. Pork inasal with rice

                                                                                                Mang Inasal Menu Panamis

Ice scramble


Buko Pandan Jelly / Coffe jelly / mango Jelly

Turon Split

Saging Melt

Leche Flan

  Mang Inasal Menu Add ons, ulam add on

Pancit Molo

Bangus Sinigang

Pork Sinigang


Banus Sisig

Pork Sisig

Kamote chips

Lumpiang sardinas

Chicken chicharon

Ginataang kangkong

Ensaladang talong

                                                                                               Mang Inasal Menu Pinoy Almusal (PA)

PA 1- Tapsilog

PA 2- Tosilog

PA 3- Longsilog

Mang Inasal was first launched in 2003 and has captivated the taste of Filipinos. Now, it has 445 stores all over the country and is considered a success in such a short span of time. Today, Jollibee Foods Corporation owns 70% of the company’s shares while Edgar Sia II, Mang Inasal’s founder owns 30%.

The Mang Inasal Menu holds a list of satisfying meals at such reasonable prices. As compared to most restaurants, this food store delivers the taste that represents true Filipino flavor. The Mang Inasal Menu is truly of gold value suited for the Filipino.