Matgalne Korean Restaurant

Matgalne Korean Restaurant


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Matgalne Korean Restaurant is conveniently located at the Calamba Exit, Calamba Laguna. This is just in front of the LISP 2 Industrial Park. The restaurant was just initiated late 2016 and is a home to most of the Korean Expat in the vicinity. The place is quite new and its ambience is perfect for you to enjoy eating.

They have a lot of variety of Korean dishes to choose from. One of these is the Ramen Noodles which are seasoned with spicy stock and I can surely say that this is really good. Other dishes like the Bibimbop are also served with much more ingredients than the normal other Korean stores. There hotpots are also an all time favorite.


Below are the menus which you can check to decide which one you will order on your visit. This place will surely a place that you will dine almost every week.

Along the area, there is also a Korean Grocery store if you want to take out some quick desserts like the Melona Ice Cream which is also popular in Korea. Of course there are a other Korean brands grocery items.


Contact Number: 0906-22802616


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