McCafe Cappuccino

McCafe Cappuccino Review

McCafe Cappuccino

Do you have a busy schedule? If you want a quick relief from the busy – and you want it in fast, try visiting McCafe and you’ll be treated with their cappuccino. McCafe has been emerging in the coffee scene recently. Although we can’t line them up just yet with the coffee giants and coffee pop culture favortites, you can tell that they are moving in that direction.

I have loved McCafe, especially their good cappuccino. There is a sense of good belonging, different than just taking in that old 3 in 1 coffee break in the office. It’s rich and its creamy – in another level. It is something that you can’t just get from the old vendo in the corner.

Well Too Bad though, this is only available in select mcdonald’s stores. Sigh. McCafe Cappuccino Value meal and Combo Right Now, its your choice on what you want.  You can also switch out your morning drinks for this if your want.

From Mcdonald’s:
“Rich espresso coffee with steamed milk, topped with a dome of milk foam and lightly dusted with chocolate powder. Available only in select McDonald’s stores.”

McCafe Cappuccino Price

Medium: Php 85.00

Regular: Php 75.00

McCafe Cappuccino Delivery Details

Right now, this is only limited. So no delivery services for this one.