McDonald’s Chicken Recipes

McDonald’s Chicken RecipesImagine a crispy, golden brown, juicy, delicious McDonald’s chicken in front of you right now. Mmmm, yummy and mouth watering chicken, crispy on the outside yet tender and juicy in the inside. You would probably not be able to help yourself but grab it in a second. I know I wouldn’t be able to resist it. We love the McDonald’s chicken. It’s simply delicious, what more can be said? It’s just an amazing meal.

Do you often stay in the work place during lunch time? Sometimes that cannot be helped especially when you work in a busy place like the hospital and business office. When this happens, try ordering the McDonald’s chicken products minutes before 12 noon. Quick delivery boys will find you and deliver a meal that’s delicious and satisfying. Your workmates will probably wish they’d had ordered too instead of going out.


The McDonald’s chicken products are perfect for your lunch breaks

McDonald’s Chicken Products Description


Satisfaction from a McDonald’s chicken happens in three scientific processes. First, smelling a McDonald’s chicken from the box stimulates your curiosity. What could be that sweet smelling thing catching the attention of your discriminating sense of smell? Second, seeing it when you open the lid will arouse your appetite. The sight of golden brown McDonald’s chicken is too attractive, instinct will immediately dictate that this is a scrumptious and tasty meal. Third, when eating your McDonald’s chicken, taste buds sends blasts of signals interpreting the meal as just plainly delicious. Every bite just brings out joy and contentment.

The McDonald’s chicken is made of only the best parts of chicken cooked and served to your liking. Every McDonald’s chicken product is soft and juicy in the inside while crispy and crunchy on the outside. It is not too salty thus you can appreciate the flavor of real chicken more than its spices. It’s not that greasy too, when you bite into any McDonald’s chicken product, it’s the chicken’s natural juice you taste and not cooking oil.


One piece McDonald’s chicken with rice / Two piece McDonald’s chicken with rice

This delicious meal from McDonald’s is a winner. Best chicken cuts are blended with spices and breading resulting to flavorful chicken that’s crispy outside and juicy soft inside. Rice and gravy is served with this McDonald’s chicken.


One piece McDonald’s chicken and spaghetti

Delicious McDonald’s chicken is fried and served with spaghetti. This meal is a favorite among kids who love fried chicken with mildly sweet tasting spaghetti. The spaghetti has rich tomato sauce in it and has a fairly large serving.


6 piece Mcnuggets/ 6 piece Mcnuggets with rice/ 6 piece Mcnuggets with fries

Cube shaped and bite sized McDonald’s chicken is great! These delicious chicken cuts are soft and flavorful inside out. You can have the option of ordering it with rice and fries for a more filling effect. It is served with gravy that’s thick and so yummy.


 McDonald’s chicken products are super delicious inside out

McDonald’s Chicken Review

 Among the many McDonald’s chicken products, I along with the hundreds of thousands of Filipinos love the McDonald’s fried chicken with rice. I order the two piece chicken for I know that once started, I would always want another piece more (sometimes, the single serving of rice will not be enough and I end up ordering another cup). There’s a magical touch to how the McDonald’s chicken captivates the hearts of many. I tried making a fried chicken at home doing my best to make it have the softness and juiciness inside just like the McDonald’s chicken but it can only come close to the real thing. Also, the way they flavor their McDonald’s chicken is just so deliciously different from others and very difficult to match.

We definitely recommend McDonald’s chicken for your meal any time of the day. It’s perfect with rice, fries or spaghetti, you’ll love it. McDonald’s fried chicken servings are also a bit bigger than its competitors, we prefer their gravy too for it really complements the chicken.


Want to make your version of a McDonald’s chicken? Try this recipe at home.

2lbs chicken thighs or breast
1 cup butter milk
1 cup flour
1 tbsp seasoning salt
1 tsp pepper

1. In an airtight container, mix chicken and buttermilk and marinate for at least 4 hours.
2. Mix flour, seasoning salt, and pepper in a separate bowl. Remove chicken from buttermilk and coat with flour mixture being sure to coat chicken thoroughly.
3. Deep fry chicken in canola oil or vegetable oil till chicken is golden brown, remove from oil and allow chicken to cool a little before serving.


Surfing the net and got hungry? Check out McDonald’s online delivery:


or call 8-McDo (8-6236)as a general number for all locations for a fast delivery.

Order your McDonald’s chicken today and have a wonderful meal. McDonald’s chicken products are available in all McDonald’s restaurants, outlets and drive through.