McDonald’s Egg McMuffin: The delicious and nutritious breakfast

McDonald's Egg McMuffinBreakfast on the run is fun with the McDonald’s Egg McMuffin. What is your favorite breakfast? Do you like eggs, bacon and bread? Do you have coffee with that? I do and it’s great. It perks me up in the early goings and I get energized the whole morning. Unfortunately however, busy schedules often make me skip breakfast. I’m pretty sure it’s not just me who misses breakfast and don’t we all wish there was just more time to do this before work?

Fortunately, there’s the McDonald’s egg McMuffin to take out and eat at work. Whew, thank heavens for the egg McMuffin, it is completely filling and offers us our favorite eggs-bacon breakfast. The egg McMuffin is now a certified favorite among Filipinos. It is a delicious way of getting breakfast at the same time making it to the office on time.


The delicious and nutritious Egg McMuffin

The McDonald’s Egg McMuffin Description

 Sandwiched between two soft muffins lie a magical formula for a great breakfast, a delicious sunny side up egg, bacon and cheese, hhmmmm delicious! The egg McMuffin looks pretty simple to make but somehow only McDonalds provides customers with that taste we keep coming back for. First, and probably the most important thing which makes the egg McMuffin difficult to copy is its cheese. McDonald’s does not use processed cheese commonly sold in supermarkets. Their cheese is creamy and full of flavor, especially when it melts slightly. The egg and bacon are not that salty and can be complemented by ketchup if preferred. This breakfast meal is definitely delicious and filling.


Lots of people enjoy breakfast with the McDonald’s Egg McMuffin

Egg McMuffin Review

 As early as 6 am in the morning, people off to work already line up to McDonald’s and order the Egg McMuffin. We as well as the thousands of commuters nationwide must head out early to make it on time for work but during this process fail to cook or prepare breakfast. Fortunately there’s the Egg McMuffin which is delicious, affordable and energizing. I personally love this meal for I can carry it to work and eat it there or on the way getting there. Most of the people I know like the Egg MCMuffin’s cheese when it’s warm, it’s flavor complements very well with the other ingredients. If you’re the one who’s always in the rush, try ordering the Egg McMuffin and carry it to work, we recommend this meal, you will surely like it too.

Note: Philippines only serve the McDonald’s Egg McMuffin until 10:30 am


Have you ever wanted to make an Egg McMuffin of your own? Let’s try this simple recipe.



1 egg


English muffins

1 slice American cheese

Melted butter



1. Toast your muffins on a non stick frying pan applying pressure on both sides.
2. Using an egg ring, fry the egg on a non stick pan and poke the yolk with a sharp instrument so it flows. After cooking the egg, fry the bacon.
3. Butter both toasted halves of the muffins and put a slice of American cheese on the bottom half.
4. Put in the egg on top of the cheese and flip the bacon on top of the egg. Cover it with the other toasted muffin.
5. Wrap your home made egg McMuffin in pre-cut wax paper then microwave for 12 seconds on high. Enjoy.


Order your favorite McDonald’s Egg McMuffin using McDonald’s online delivery:


Enjoy the McDonald’s Egg McMuffin for a delicious breakfast on the go.