McDonald’s McFloat

Don’t you just love the McDonald’s McFloat? On a really tiring day, you along with the millions of Filipinos deserve a pleasurable drink that’s all delicious, energizing and satisfying. You deserve a McDonald’s McFloat, ice cold coca cola with delicious vanilla ice cream on top that’s sipped through a straw. Yummy!

McDonald’s is an American fast food chain started by the brothers Maurice and Richard McDonald. In time, American businessman Ray Kroc bought McDonald’s from the brothers and led the restaurant’s expansion to the global corporation that it is today.

The McDonald’s McFloat is a deliciously addicting snack and drink

McDonald’s McFloat product description


Is it a dessert or is it a drink? It’s both and it’s terrific. The McFloat is one of the most delicious drinks and desserts one can ever have. This wonderful drink has an exciting taste to it that’ impossible to resist. Ice cold Coca Cola is topped with smooth vanilla ice cream and chocolate syrup that when melted, blends with the cola and yields an amazingly tasty drink. Sipped through a straw, the McFloat refreshes you as well as energizes. Ice cubes are also put inside to maintain the drinks coldness.

The McFloat is one of McDonald’s best sellers here in the Philippines. At a price that’s the cheapest in the food chain, it refreshes and quenches your thirst in such a satisfying way.


McDonald’s McFloat Ingredients:

Coca Cola

Vanilla ice cream

Hot fudge



2012 summer has just become more exciting as McDonald’s presents its new flavors to the McFloat. Check these flavors out.

Blueberry Sprite McFloat, Green Apple Sprite McFloat, Four Seasons Sprite McFloat, and Honey Banana Sprite McFloat. These new flavors are available in two sizes: Regular for P29 and Monster size for P45 (Summer 2012).


Why the McDonald’s McFloat is everybody’s favorite

McDonald’s McFloat Review


What more can we say to describe the McFloat? Almost all positive adjectives applicable to food can be said about it. It’s delicious, it’s refreshing, it’s revitalizing, it’s everything! This drink is a snack, a desert and an appetizer all in one. In one of the occasions we went to McDonald’s, we tried taking a Mcfloat out and drink it while strolling in the park. It proved to be a “cool’” companion making every conversation and walk more enjoyable.

The McFloat’s taste is better than any other drink we’ve tasted when compared to other fast food restaurants. Their vanilla ice cream is the creamiest and smoothest, you can really appreciate it while topped on Coke or when mixed with it. The hot fudge on the ice cream does a great job too in making the drink yummy.



The McDonald’s McFloat looks very simple to make but their secret lies in their ice cream and hot fudge recipe. We can’t really know for sure how to create their ice cream but we can make our own float as close to that of McDonald’s and add our own personal touch to it.


Our own McFloat Recipe

Whatever time of the day it is, a McFloat is the perfect drink to quench the thirst and satisfy our craving for sweets. Try this simple recipe to create a float of your own that closely resembles the McFloat.



Coca Cola or Sprite

Vanilla Ice cream or Cookies ‘n Cream or Double Dutch ice cream (choose the smoothest brand you know, sundae can be perfect too)

Hot fudge, if none around, chocolate syrup can do too




In a tall glass, put some ice in (filling 1/4 of the glass). Pour in some Coke but do not fill it to the brim, leave a considerable amount of space for the ice cream (the ice cream should be warmed just a little to be soft – this would be ideal). After topping the ice cream on the Coke, decorate it with chocolate syrup or fudge.



The McFloat is a wonderful drink that truly satisfies. Order your McFloat with McDonald’s online services at or use the following numbers


1302 Guillermo Masangkay, Manila

(02) 254 8308


Ground Floor, Artex Bldg. 435 Juan Luna, Manila 1006

(02) 242 0512


Pablo Ocampo Street Corner Vito Cruzmalate, Metro Manila

(02) 524 0101


Muralla Street Corner Victoria Streetintramuros, Metro Manila

(02) 524 8089 ‎


Pablo Ocampo Street Corner Vito Cruzmalate, Metro Manila

(02) 524 0101


Muralla Street Corner Victoria Streetintramuros, Metro Manila

(02) 524 8089 ‎


Victoria, Manila

(02) 521 2628 ‎


Lacson Branch, Manila

(02) 742 6836 ‎




Satisfy your need for a great drink and dessert now, order the delicious McDonald’s McFloat to