McDonald’s McFlurry

McDonald's McFlurrySummer or not, the McDonald’s McFlurry is the coolest dessert to top the great meal you had earlier. Yummy McDonald’s McFlurry is made of soft vanilla ice cream mixed with crumbled bits of cookies or candy. This best seller is a really nice way to spend idle time or relaxation. Have this after school or work, it’s great to just chill out and enjoy the free time.

I first had a McDonald’s McFlurry when I was in high school. It was the last day of school then and I remember me and my friends hanging out at a McDonald’s. I wonder why I never had a McDonald’s McFlurry earlier; it was a great dessert I felt like I missed out on a good sweet for many years. I kind of thought the McDonald’s McFlurry was too simple at first, just looking at it, it was just ice cream with bits of Oreo cookies blended in, nothing complex there. But when I started eating it, it was really good. I’ve always liked the McDonald’s soft serve ice cream and mixing in bits or Oreo cookies was a simple way of achieving greatness.

The McDonald’s McFlurry is simply cool: it’s a delight to the taste.

McDonald’s McFlurryDescription

Soft serve ice cream has always been the winning ingredient of McDonald’s. Theirs is just superior compared with other fast food chains and creating the McDonald’s McFlurry is just terrific. Bits of Oreo cookies are delicious in smooth and soft vanilla ice cream. At such a budget friendly cost, you can just chill and enjoy a moment with the McDonald’s McFlurry.

McDonald’s McFlurry: Oreo McFlurry

Crumbled Oreo cookies in ice cream? Delicious! Looks like a very simple McDonald’s ice cream but the taste is more than just simple. In the mouth, it is so good.

McDonald’s McFlurry: Oreo McFlurry overload

If you liked the Oreo McFlurry, you’ll love this Oreo McDonald’s McFlurry overload all the better. This time, more Oreo cookies have been mixed with smooth, soft serve vanilla ice cream.

Is the McDonald’s McFlurry worth buying? Absolutely!

McDonald’s McFlurryProduct Review

I and my friends love the McDonald’s McFlurry and would definitely buy this awesome dessert again. Over other vanilla ice creams we’ve tasted, McDonald’s is the smoothest and creamiest at such a very low price. When Oreo cookies are mixed well, it creates a simple but delicious dessert that’s just satisfying. The feel of chewing or just letting the bits of Oreo melt in the mouth along with the ice cream is deliciously good, you’ll love it as well.

If you’re craving for a dessert that’s simple yet gratifying, you ought to order the McDonald’s McFlurry. It’s simply delicious!

Wish you knew how to make a McDonald’s soft serve ice cream? We all do and this recipe comes very close to it. Give it a try and try mixing in some crumbled Oreo cookies in it, it tastes very very close.


6 egg yolks, lightly beaten
1 tablespoon pure vanilla extract
1 pint heavy cream
2 cups of milk
1 cup sugar


1. Whip milk, sugar and egg yolks until frothy.

2. Set over boiling water and heat for 15 minutes, stirring constantly toward the end.

3. Remove from heat and cool. Add the vanilla and cream. Pour into an ice cream maker and spin for 20 minutes.

After your ice cream’s been made, crush some Oreo cookies (amount depends upon your taste) and sprinkle over every spoonful of ice cream layer. Enjoy.

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Enjoy holidays, breaks or any free time with the McDonald’s McFlurry. It’s a great dessert after any meal and it’s so satisfying, so go ahead order your delicious McDonald’s McFlurry today.