McDonald’s Sundae Treat

McDonald’s Sundae TreatReward yourself with a cool and delicious dessert in the McDonald’s sundae today. Did you work quite hard this afternoon? Did you get a high score in a quiz this morning? Then treat yourself special by having a delicious McDonald’s sundae to appreciate the moment of victory.

Sundae is a term referring to ice cream topped with sauce or syrup. It can also be that ice cream is topped with fruits, chocolate bits, cookies and nuts. There have been many variations of sundae all over the world but McDonald’s seem to have created the simplest sundaes that are so budget friendly but definitely delicious. McDonald’s sundae has been a favorite dessert by many including me. I love hot fudge and caramel on ice cream and McDonald’s gives the most generous amounts.

For me, McDonald’s sundae is a comfort food. It somehow makes everything a bit lighter and sweeter. When eating alone, I take time to eat my McDonald’s sundae and let the ice cream melt a little. I don’t know, but I really enjoy it that way. The hot fudge and chocolate bits mix together with ice cream in such a delicious mess, it is fun.


The McDonald’s sundae is the perfect dessert.

McDonald’s Sundae Description


McDonald’s sundae is sooo good with its soft and smooth white ice cream mixed beautifully with different toppings and syrup. This cool dessert is a hit among Filipinos and other people all over the world. The vanilla ice cream is mildly sweet and all its toppings and syrup enhance its flavor. At a very low price, you can really enjoy this dessert anytime, anywhere.


McDonald’s Sundae: Chunky chocolate sundae with Cadbury

A favorite among teens, this McDonald’s sundae is delicious with its simple presentation. Delicious ice cream is decorated with chocolate syrup with rounded Cadbury chocolates.


McDonald’s sundae: Hot fudge caramel duo

This McDonald’s sundae is a great mix of hot fudge and hot caramel. One of the best sellers on the McDonald’s sundae menu, this ice cream treat is sandwiched between alternate layers of hot caramel and hot fudge. The taste and texture of this McDonald’s sundae is simply the best.


McDonald’s sundae: Double hot caramel sundae

Wow your sense of taste with this sweet McDonald’s sundae. Hot caramel swirls around vanilla ice cream in a combination that’s a real heaven to the taste.


McDonald’s sundae: Double Hot fudge sundae

If you like hot fudge with your ice cream, then you have got try this McDonald’s sundae. Sweet hot fudge swirls around ice cream forming layers of cool and sweet treat.


McDonald’s sundae: Caramel Sundae

A simple and basic sundae made of smooth and soft ice cream topped with caramel. This McDonald’s sundae is a favorite among young professionals who want to take time and just relax.


Why the McDonald’s sundae remains a top dessert among Filipinos

McDonald’s Sundae Review


McDonald’s sundae is a great dessert. Sweetness has never been better with the McDonald’s sundae on the table. The great thing about this treat is that they made ice cream (which is of course already a good dessert) even more enjoyable to eat with fresh hot caramel and fudge. Their ingredients are simply different from the other sundaes sold today. The ice cream McDonald’s use is soft and smooth and has a mild sweetness to it. People love it this way and it’s only the hot fudge and caramel that makes it more flavorful. Comparing with other fast food, McDonald’s sundae has a bigger serving which means more fun; you’ll definitely be satisfied with this great dessert.

The McDonald’s sundae is a feel good food, go ahead and order your great dessert now. We love this sundae and we expect that you will too.


How do we make our own McDonald’s sundae?

Well, of course their recipe remains a secret but we can make one which is so similar to the real thing. Here’s how:

Bottles of caramel sauce are available in the supermarket so that’s handy. Choose a good vanilla ice cream that says “soft serve”. Leave the ice cream in room temperature for 5 minutes to melt a little.
Microwave the caramel sauce slightly and pour it over the ice cream. Delicious!

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McDonald’s sundae is great way of comforting and rewarding yourself. A small serving this delightful sweet is sure to lift the spirit up, so go ahead indulge in the McDonald’s sundae today.