McDonald’s Twister Fries

McDonald’s Twister Fries Review

McDonald’s Twister Fries

Back at High School – which was about 15 years ago, I used to really enjoy this stupid looking food from McDonald’s: Twister fries. Ok, maybe not stupid looking, fun and silly. But I enjoyed it. I enjoyed it with gravy, I enjoyed it with ketchup, I enjoyed it with my burgers and I enjoyed it.

I watched it come and go from Mcdo. It was like, they will bring it back once every blue moon so they can always call it new. Then, when the new McDonald’s kids come in, they would say, Wow! There is something new at McDonald’s. There is this silly looking fun food with great coating that is really crispy and I would want to enjoy it again. But years into their adulthood, they would see it come and go, breaking their heart over and over again.

Well, what this is trying to say is – It is back again and I’ll be over at Mcdo, Enjoying this silly looking fun food that everybody likes


McDonald’s Twister Fries Value meal and Combo

You my friend can always get this with anything you want. Partner it with rice for all the world cares. Enjoy it. Enjoy this silly, twirly, coaty, krispy mouthful of MCdonald’s twister fries.

McDonald’s Twister Fries Price

Medium: I think you need to add Php 15 to your regular burger value meal. Ala carte will set you back more – so always bundle. It works to always be ahead of the cashier.

McDonald’s Twister Fries Delivery Details

McDonald’s is trying to centralize their delivery. If you are reading this then yo can go to their delivery website: . Enjoy your fries.