Mr. KIMBOB BIBIMBOB Menu Item and Review

Do you want to eat something healthy? Perhaps a lot of vegetables? But then you don’t want to get rid of meat? All of us do. All of us meat eating mammals do. If you are a reptile please don’t read this.
I love Chinese food, but I hate the chinese. I love koren movies but I hate kimchi – and I have a bad experience from a korean restaurant. But, I love KIMBOB’s BIBIMBOB. I first saw a legion of wanna koreans in front of this nice neat stall. We tried these large sizzling plate of colorful carrots, sayote, kimchi that you may love, a lot of meat, sunny side up egg, some bean sprouts and rice. Sound a lot right? It is a lot. And it tastes good.



I do not mix the BIBIMBOB like they show at the screen. I don’t like it that way, it begins to taste like crazy chao fan. It does taste better if you pick anf place. You can pick your veggies and you can choose and eat a lot of meat. Egg and rice a always quite a pair. it’s just nice.
There is no secret Ingredient like that crazy Kung Fu panda dad – But I think they put something in there that makes the sayote taste like its good.

Mr. KIMBOB BIBIMBOB Value meal and Combo

Always get those value meals with the siopao, I think there is one. I know there is one.

Experience the great taste. Traditional Korean Cuisine passed down for thousand of generation.


Php 99 small and Php 119 Large
You can also try the meat lover’s if you really hate veggies that much. You are a lion!

Mr. KIMBOB BIBIMBOB Delivery Details

I don’t think you can do a delivery for a sizzling BIBIMBOB – You can take it TO GO though.