Padis Point

Chilling out with a cold beer at Padis Point bar and restaurant is best way to unwind. Watching talented Filipino musicians playing contemporary songs will surely get you in the mood of dining, drinking and meeting new people. Padis Point is a cool place to gather to share laughs and conversations with friends with a big chance of meeting new friends as well.

Padis PointPadis Point is a bar and restaurant regarded as the Philippines’ number one and most popular. It also has the largest chain of restaurants in its category and is visited by patrons by the hundreds every day. At Padis Point, young adults, professionals and families dine on Filipino cuisine which are top class cooking. At night, people come here to unwind listening to live bands while drinking beer, vodka and other liquorish beverages. Padis Point is not really your typical bar for it has fun events going on very often which will give you a real unwinding experience. For instance, there are certain times when bikini contests, beer drinking contests and battle of the bands happen and all those events are so much fun.

Padis Point has its office located at 291 P. Guevarra Avenue, San Juan Metro Manila, Philippines. It has branches in almost every major city in the Philippines with Padis Point Metro Manila, Padis Point Antipolo City, Padis Point Baguio City, Padis Point Laguna, Padis Point Dagupan City and Padis Point San Fernando, Pampanga as being the most famed ones.

Get a chance to taste delicious Filipino food at an ambience that is light and cool at Padis Point. Here, grilled meats and fish are mouth watering, soups absolutely delicious, drinks exciting, and dining & drinking a memorable experience.

The Padis Point Menu

Take a peak at these best sellers and actual favorites from the Padis Point menu. They are ordered everyday by customers craving for scrumptious and mouth watering flavor. They go great on their own and even better with your choice of drinks.

Padis Point starters:

Potato Wedges- have something light to nibble on while deciding a main course. This cuisine comes in cheese, barbecue, sour cream and onion flavors.

Sinuglaw- This is an absolute way to build an appetite, savor delicious grilled squid, pork and kinilaw na Tanigue (fish half cooked/cooked in vinegar)

Padis Point Chicken Wings- Always ordered as a starter, this chicken recipe comes in original and spicy flavor.

Padis Point Soups

Sinigang na Baboy- This all time Filipino favorite is a dish good for two people. It has a perfect blend of sour and salty and meaty flavor which all translates as a deeelicious viand. People who stop by say this dish reminds them of the good old barrio and home style cooking.

Padis Point Big Plates

This Padis Point item is a winner. Every order comes with buttered vegetables and garlic rice. Vegetables are fresh and cooked in butter, you can savor its natural juices blending perfectly with the sweetness of butter.

A Taste of Asia- Absolutely delicious chicken teriyaki and beef with hoisin sauce will make your chewing so enjoyable. This most ordered Padis Point Big Plate is light in the budget but heavy and filling.

The Usual- A very convenient name to a very delicious combo. This best seller consists of backyard style barbecued chicken and pork. Meats are barbecued just the way you do them at home, the difference only lies on the way Padis Point flavors them.

Padis Point Barbecues

Chicken Barbecue- This is a certain must taste when going to Padis Point. Servings of (1/2 or ¼ chicken) barbecue are tasty and are served with fruity mango sauce and atchara.

Best of Barbecues- Home style barbecues are just great. They are served hot and oh so flavorful. Expect the meats to be flavorful inside while on the outside, gleaming meat is still fresh with its juice. Served with java rice and atchara.

Padis Point Sisig

Crispy sisig- Padis Point has a unique and exciting version of sisig. This one is ever so tasty but with some of the meats cooked in a crunchy crispy way.

Padis Point Classic Sisig- This most ordered Filipino cuisine is just so delicious. Flavors will definitely gladden you making chewing of sliced meats pleasurable. It is not as salty as the ones you commonly have in bars, this one is just right with the meats cooked the way men want it.

Padis Point Drinks




Bourbon Whisky




Red wine

Dining, drinking and hanging out at Padis Point is just great. The place is cool, the food delicious and the events awesomely entertaining! If you’re the one who’s looking for a fun time but needs to watch out on the budget, Padis Point is certainly the place to be. With a budget of say, 500 to 1000 pesos with your friends, you can have a good time, filled and satisfied. One of the most sought of events at Padis Point is their bikini contest and battle of the bands. Everything is of good taste and talent is really shown. One who catches cool events here will really have their senses satisfied.

Padis Point is a clean restaurant and bar worthy of bringing friends and family to dine in. You will be able to appreciate Filipino dishes and what’s more to love is that even the price range is so Filipino. With food tasting this way, you definitely get more than your money’s worth. Whether its night or day and you need a place to just relax and hang out in, make it a point to visit the Padis Point.