Reyes Barbeque

Many have decided and you shall too, Reyes Barbecue is the best and this you will find true!

Like a hypnotizing spell, delicacies from the Reyes Barbecue restaurant will keep you coming back for more. Juicy, tender, fragrant chicken and pork barbecue are just appetizing in this restaurant. At first sight and smell, mouth watering recipes will call upon you, it will take all your will power to resist!

Reyes bbq is a restaurant famous for mouth watering barbecue and is already a strong competitor in the food business. A brilliant entrepreneur in Frank Reyes stands as Reyes bbq chief and first chef having formulated excellent recipes and a sound business plan. He is a grandson of the founder of the Philippines’ longest running food store the “Aristocrat”. No wonder Reyes bbq is so successful, the talents in food handling as well as business is in its leader’s genes.

Reyes Barbecue Review

Reyes BarbequeFor this restaurant review, we are pleased to say that Reyes Bbq should have the top spot in the tastiness of barbecue. As we said earlier, their cuisines are just mesmerizing to a degree that it is already addicting!

Fantastic and fresh to the taste, chicken, pork and fish barbecue are like new dishes we’ve never tasted before. It’s like it’s only at Reyes Bbq where we’ve truly experienced barbecue and as appreciation for the honor it gives customers, we give the Reyes Bbq a perfect ten and urge you all food lovers to try their cuisines. They’re all winners, every barbecued item here will be a standard for all other barbecues.

Here are reasons why you should dine at Reyes bbq:

  • Fast and reliable service even when there’s lots of customers
  • Food is ever so delicious
  • Affordable price
  • Serving of Java rice is generous
  • Ambience is ideal for family dining


Most sought after Reyes Barbecue menu

Check out these mouth watering best sellers from Reyes bbq. They are absolutely unforgettable cuisines.

1. Reyes bbq – Boneless Chicken barbecue

The All Time Favorite! This is an awesome order for dinner or lunch. A quarter of a whole chicken is barbecued with Frank Reyes’ secret recipe. It’s all boneless and is served with java rice and peanut sauce and atchara. The chicken is great in every aspect, it’s soft, juicy and full of taste even to the bones.

2. Reyes bbq – Grilled Pusit

Whew, now this a great meal. Delicious squid is grilled to perfection. The taste is richer and just more delicious that other brands out there. The squid is quite big so goes well with the generous serving of java rice. Served with sauce and iced tea.

3.  Reyes bbq – Grilled Hamburger

Yummy patties of thick hamburger are served with java rice, buttered vegetables and iced tea. The hamburger patties are rich in flavor and are juicy inside out.

4. Reyes bbq – Grilled Tuna Belly

Amazingly delicious. Be one of thousands who prefer this dish – firm, juicy and perfectly barbecued tuna belly served with java rice, dip and iced tea. The blend of the tuna belly is one of a kind.

5. Reyes bbq – Grilled Liempo

If it’s so appetizing to look at, wait till you taste it, Reyes bbq liempo will drive your senses to overload. Large liempo serving is barbecued with the Reyes’ secret methods. It’s served with java rice, sauce and iced tea. The liempo’s taste will be amazingly unforgettable you’ll definitely wish you had the recipe.

6. Reyes bbq – Grilled bangus Belly

Yummy! The taste of bangus barbecued in the Reyes’ fashion is one of a kind. Their bangus belly is fresh and thick. The fusion of tastes is just great you’ll be satisfied especially when you choose java rice to go with it.

Reyes Bbq can be conveniently visited in these locations:

Reyes Bbq 168 mall

Reyes Bbq Alabang town center

Reyes Bbq Antipolo

Reyes Bbq Ayala trinoma

Reyes Bbq Baclaran

Reyes Bbq Cashn’carry

Reyes Bbq Gateway mall

Reyes Bbq Glorietta 4

Reyes Bbq Greenbelt 1

Reyes Bbq Greenhills

Reyes Bbq Landmark Trinoma

Reyes Bbq SM bicutan

Reyes Bbq SM clark

Reyes Bbq SM frontera

Reyes Bbq SM las piñas

Reyes Bbq SM marikina

Reyes Bbq SM marilao

Reyes Bbq SM megamall

Reyes Bbq SM MOA