Special Halo Halo from Razon’s restaurant of GuaGua

Why do numerous Filipinos love Razon’s halo halo? We have heard countless of people saying if you crave halo halo today, you just have to get it from Razon’s of GuaGua. Could it be Razon’s restaurant serves a more appetizing version of the world famous Filipino dessert? Could Razon’s of GuaGua deliver a revitalizing halo halo with a more flavorful mix of ingredients that’s far superior than any fast foods’? Oh we are sure to say that the answer is an absolute yes!

Razon’s of GuaGua is a restaurant that serves delicious Filipino cuisines with a genuine taste of Kapampangan cooking. With unique taste and attractive food presentation, Razon’s of GuaGua continuously fascinates people of different cultures and has them coming back for more. As one of their best selling products, Razon’s halo halo is a must taste, at a very reasonable price, one can get satisfied with this mouth watering special and if I were you, I’d go chill out and relax at Razon’s restaurant enjoying the refreshing Razon’s halo halo.


Come take a peak at the Razon’s restaurant menu, these picks are some of their best sellers and we guarantee these will satisfy your discriminating taste.

Razon’s Restaurant Prides and Specials

Special Halo Halo from Razon's restaurant of GuaGua

Razon’s Halo Halo

Yummy indeed and a winner of a meal any time any day! If it’s halo halo you fancy, it has got to be from Razon’s of GuaGua. We really cannot emphasize more how much we love Razon’s halo halo for it’s simply the best. With its sweet bananas, soft beans and macapuno topped with shaved ice and creamy milk, hhhmmm this is the ultimate summer treat as well as dessert for all seasons. The leche flan on top of Razon’s halo halo is delicious, you will be able to savor its creaminess and if you let it stay in your mouth for a while, it melts on its own allowing you to taste sweet milk and fresh eggs that are its main ingredients. Unlike other halo halo brands, Razon’s restaurant serves its special with shaved fine ice. Digging in with your spoon is ultra easy and every spoonful in the mouth will not hurt the teeth, in fact this finely shaved ice melts quicker, we love it. We encourage you all to try Razon’s halo halo for it brings out the fun in eating genuine Filipino desserts, this one’s worth an A for a food rating.

Razon’s of GuaGua Pancit Luglug

Razon’s of GuaGua delivers a mouth watering pancit luglug that’s truly unforgettable! Satisfying to the taste buds and of course the belly, this pancit is perfectly seasoned and flavored: The sauce is rich and not at all salty, it is also generously topped on thick al dente noodles which are perfect with every bite. Hard boiled egg slices are great with this Razon’s restaurant special, they are beautifully arranged on top of the pancit, and as an ideal seasoning, a calamansi is served with the pancit to complement the sauce’s flavor.

Sizzling Bulalo

Whoever thought this would be possible? Bulalo cooked so soft and served in a sizzling plate is a mighty good idea, eating it for dinner or lunch, now that’s an even greater thought and I tell you it’s the best dining plan you’ll make today. Thank goodness Razon’s restaurant serves this special for you will taste nothing like this in other restaurants. This Razon’s restaurant special is served with creamy gravy that’s perfect with beef, it’s flavorful and thick and oh so hot! Meat that’s clinging to the bulalo is in its own delicious and soft to chew. Ordering this Razon’s restaurant special will surely get you hooked.

There are so many more delectable foods available at Razon’s restaurant I encourage you to visit them at these sites:

Branch                                                                  Address

Razon’s restaurant Alabang                        2nd Level Food Choices, Alabang Town Center

Razon’s restaurant Araneta                        81 Shopwise Center, Araneta Center, Quezon City

Razon’s restaurant Banawe                        Unit 46 Banawe St.,Sta Mesa Heights, Quezon City (with   delivery)

Razon’s restaurant Citygolf Arcade          Citygolf Arcade, J. Vargas, Ugong, Pasig City (with delivery)

Razon’s restaurant Eastwood                    Unit 2F-2B Eastwood City Walk 2 Quezon City (with delivery)

Razon’s restaurant Galleria                         Level 1, Food Court, Robinson Galleria

Razon’s restaurant Gateway                      301-H2 Food Express Gateway Mall, Araneta

Razon’s of GuaGua Greenbelt                   G/Flr. Greenbelt 1, Ayala Center, Makati

Razon’s of GuaGua Greenhills                    One Kennedy Place, Club Filipino Ave., Greenhills(with delivery)

Razon’s of GuaGua Greenhills                     Lifestyle  G/F Lifestyle Center, Greenhills Shopping Center, Greenhills, San  Juan City

Razon’s of GuaGua Head Office                  Unit 102 Chateau Verde Condo. C5 Gate 2, Valle Verde I, Pasig  City

Razon’s of GuaGua Jupiter                          22 Jupiter St., Bel-Air, Makati City (with delivery)

Razon’s of GuaGua Las Piñas                      Unit 236-237 SM Las Piñas Zapote Alabang Road Las Piñas City

Razon’s of GuaGua Malate                          Level 1, P.Faura Hallway, Robinsons Place, Manila

Razon’s of GuaGua Mall of Asia                 2176 MM SM Mall of Asia, Pasay City