Teriyaki Boy

To get a good experience of casual Japanese dining, you have got to visit Teriyaki Boy. Here, class and affordability meet to serve food lovers and let them taste an important part of Japanese culture. Are you the one who’s curious about how good Japanese food is? Or are you someone who’s looking for a fresher taste of Teppanyaki and Sashimi? Teriyaki Boy is the answer to what you’re looking for. Let this modern Japanese restaurant serve you with genuine and high quality recipes worthy of your respect and appreciation. At Teriyaki Boy, your time and money and will be shown value thru refined Japanese cuisines.

It was said then that Teriyaki Boy served tofu cuisines, teriyaki and sashimi that possessed a zest to promote Japanese food, and now after more than a decade, it has done so and continues to satisfy customers.

Proven to be a successful eating place, Teriyaki Boy has caught the attention of big time investors such as the Pancake House Group. It bought and now owns this Japanese restaurant and has further developed it to a top destination for food lovers. Teriyaki Boy is franchised all over the Philippines and now has more than 30 branches nationwide.

Have a taste of delicious Japanese cuisines at Teriyaki Boy. Here, you get food that’s stylish yet reasonably priced. Take a look at their menu below:

The TeriyakiBoy Menu

Teriyaki Boy

Teriyaki Boy Appetizers

All Teriyaki Boy meals are appetizing enough just by looking at them, these bunch below however will get your mood settled enough just until the main course arrives.

Nasu-Abura Itame

Vegetables as appetizers? Well, this one works. Delicious eggplants are fried in pans and mixed with sweet soy sauce.

Chawan Mushi

custard eggs, mmmm yummy

Agedashi Tofu

Simple tofu can be appetizing, these deep fried tofu pieces are blended with soy sauce

Yasai Itame

More yummy vegetables to start up your appetite, this Teriyaki Boy recipe makes use of fresh vegetables stir fried and blended with most flavor rich spices.


This appetizer rivals the siomai in popularity and taste. Ordering these will be great.

Mabo Tofu

Another delicious recipe for tofu. This appetizer is simple to look at but will get your appetite worked up for the main dish.

Tofu Steak

This is a favorite starter for Japanese food lovers. A delicious recipe made from tofu, this dish combines ground pork and vegetables with grilled tofu and blended with steak sauce. For some, this dish passes up as a viand in itself.

Teriyaki Boy Sashimi

Tamago Sashimi

Kani Sashimi

Uni Sashimi

Maguro Sashimi

Shake Sashimi

Teriyaki Boy Teriyaki

Teriyaki Boy Chicken – The Teriyaki Boy sauce works wonders with food and with chicken, it’s simply delicious. Boneless chicken is marinated and cooked like home made Japanese cuisines are supposed to be.

Gyuniku Teriyaki – This Teriyaki Boy recipe is amazing. One of the best sellers, you will appreciate just how softness, sweetness, a mild saltiness and umami can fuse together in one dish.

Gindara Sukiyaki – Cod fish has never been as tasty as prepared by Teriyaki Boy. Their secret sauce just enhances the taste of seafood.

Unagi Kabayaki – Do you have a curiosity for eel as a dish? Well, be delighted with this eel recipe. Eel is broiled and seasoned with the tasty Teriyaki Boy sauce.

Teriyaki Boy Teppanyaki

Sukiyaki Beef Teppanyaki- This is a favorite among customers, if you try it, it will not be a surprise if becomes yours too. Beef is deliciously flavored and cooked in iron griddles.

Pork Shogayaki- An absolute must taste, this Teriyaki Boy recipe is cooked ala home made. No wonder it’s one of the most popular dishes in Japan, this dish makes use of pork grilled with ginger to yield a flavorful taste. It is delicious with rice and vegetables.

Tori Teppanyaki- Absolutely delicious, this recipe has your chicken blended with terrific spices and cooked in iron plates and served with fantastic sauce.

Asupara Bacon Maki- Asparagus spears can be tasty you know. These are stir fried in teppanyaki sauce served hot on your table.

Seafood Teppanyaki- These are absolutely delicious. Discover how good it is for yourself. Taste stir fried squid, tuna or lapu-lapu blended in spices and a unique sauce.

Wafu Steak- Simple looking dishes can be the most delectable ones of all. Don’t let the looks of Teriyaki Boy’s dishes throw you off, this beef recipe will blow your senses away. Delicious beef is blended with sauce and spices and cooked and served in iron plates.

Dining at Teriyaki Boy is an experience worth doing over and over

Teriyaki Boy Review

Q: Why is dining at Teriyaki Boy such a great experience? A: satisfaction is guaranteed! That’s right, your tummies, taste buds and souls will have its fill in this amazing restaurant. Food is absolutely delicious despite of how simple they may look. It’s really a wonder how flavors can be mixed into one mouth watering dish no matter how easy they appear. Most of the customers who leave reviews praise the Teriyaki Boy for superb food coupled with great service. The service crews are polite and do not keep you waiting.

Over all, we agree that Teriyaki Boy is a great place to dine. The whole restaurant combines elegance and simplicity thru their food, restaurant setting, price and ambience. If you’re looking for a place to experience Japanese food, Teriyaki Boy is definitely the place to go.