The French Baker Bread and Pasta

If you think the French Baker only serves scrumptious breads, wait till you get a load of their pasta and salad meals. After having a few servings, your taste buds will surely be begging for more!

The French Baker is more than just a bakery. It’s now a complete food store and dining place suited for family meetings, dates and just about any occasion. Mr. Johnlu Koa, the French Baker founder thought of improving our local bakery’s concept. He envisioned that everything can be raised to a higher standard but maintain product prices at low costs. His baguettes, croissants and bagels were served to Filipinos at low prices but have the same excellent quality as those in Europe. Today, the French Baker is a success having more than 20 franchised stores nationwide.

The French Baker Review

The French Baker Bread and Pasta

If you ask us now where to get the best ciabatta, Belgian waffles and crepes, we’d immediately point you to the French Baker. Yup, their breads here are fantastic and more than a match against local bakeries. Do not let the French Baker appearance make you think bread is expensive, on the contrary, the French Baker breads are priced as low as local bakeries’.

Other reasons why you should try eating at the French Baker are summed below:


1. European breads at the French Baker are as good as the real things.

2. The French Baker bakery and dining area are homely. It’s like you’re inside a very comfortable place inside your own house. The seats are mega comfortable too, you’ll just want to relax and enjoy.

3. Pasta and salad at the French Baker are unbelievably delicious. It’s like there’s magic to the way they’re prepared. Some salads are served cold and you’d never expect it’s better that way.

4. Pizza at the French Baker is loaded to the max! Individual toppings are rich in flavor and they completely cover the dough’s surface area. The cheese is thick and creamy and is probably the best in town.

The French Baker menu is exquisite and truly above ordinary. Budget wise as well as taste wise , The French Baker delivers. Satisfaction is truly achieved.

The French Baker Top Selling Products


1.The French Baker Croissants

The French Baker offers different flavors to their croissants but all of them are sure hits. Ordered everyday, these puffed pastries are creamy, buttery and flaky. They’re not overly sweet, instead, all ingredients work together to provide an appealing taste.

  • Butter Croissant
  • Cheese Croissant
  • Wholewheat Croissant
  • Almond Croissant
  • Pain Au Chocolat
  • Mini Croissant

2. The French Baker Buns and Rolls

Mongo Bun –     Yummy! This bread is sweet and the flavor is perfect with mashed monggo.

Ube Bun –          The ube is real and incorporated in the bread. It’s moderately sweet and the aroma  appetizing.

Asado Rolls –    Better than siopao or empanada. The French baker bread is so delicious with tasty  dough enclosing tender meat that’s cooked asado style

Soft Cinnamon Rolls – Delicious bread rolls are generous with cinnamon. It’s sweet and very fragrant.

Coffee Bun –     The taste of coffee is unmistakable. The aroma is there too and the taste is perfect. It’s   not bitter nor is it too sweet. Everything is deliciously balanced.

Coconut Honey Bun –    Explore why the French Baker Coco honey bun is a top seller. It’s delicious with    real tastes of coconut and honey. The bread is chewy and as you do so, the  natural flavor of coconut and honey stimulates your sense of taste.

3. The French Baker Chicken Turnover

Flaky and tasty bread enclose chicken that’s prepared only like the French Baker can. The chicken is so delicious you’d be tempted to ask the cook how it’s made.

4. The French Baker Caesar Salad

Delicious veggies are tossed with a delicious and creamy dressing. Chew crisp romaine and iceberg lettuce mixed fresh tomatoes, grilled cheese, bacon chips and parmesan cheese

5. The French Baker Potato Salad

Simple yet delicious. Chunks of potatoes are served with lettuce, bits of bacon and creamy dressing. It is served cold.

6. The French Baker Chicken Pesto Spaghetti

Taste Italian style spaghetti with the goodness of classic sauce from Genoa, Italy. Fresh basil, nuts, garlic, parmesan cheese and virgin olive oil, pan-griddled chicken pieces make up the sauce. The spaghetti is served with French garlic toast

Don’t hesitate. Dine at The French Baker and experience fine dining at low prices. Visit them at these locations:

The French Baker g/f South Supermarket, Alabang Town Center, Muntinlupa
The French Baker g/f Makati Supermarket Alabang , Alabang Town Center, Muntinlupa
The French Baker g/f SM Bacoor
The French Baker ug/f SM City Dasmarinas
The French Baker SM Supermarket, North Reclamation Area, Cebu City
The French Baker ug/f The SM City Cebu, North Reclamation Area, Cebu City
The French Baker UG/F SM Southmall Almanza St., Las Piñas
The French Baker Landmark Foodcenter, Makati City
The French Baker Cash and Carry Supermarket, South Super Highway, Makati City
The French Baker 2/f The Landmark Bridgeway, Makati City