The Pan De Manila

The pandesal has always been a part of Filipino culture and at Pan de Manila, the traditional and contemporary way of baking it fuse to create bread that is loved by all generations.

From outside, the Pan de Manila bakeshop looks so modern and attractively new but inside, you’d immediately see and feel an ambience that’s so traditional and Filipino. Did you know Pan de Manila still bakes breads using a “pugon”? This traditional way of baking bread dates back to the Spanish occupation of the Philippines.

Inside old style brick ovens (pugon), pandesal and other Filipino breads are baked. Pan de Manila makes them so well you’d wonder if there’s any magic to those bricks.

Pan de Manila Review 

Pan De Manila

Breads from Pan de Manila are satisfying! They’re delicious, they’re bigger, ingredients are of top quality and most of all they have the taste of what Pinoys want.

Here at Pan de Manila, pandesal is just like how we’ve always loved them: soft, big, compact, tasty and even after a day has gone by, they still maintain their softness. When freshly served hot, butter melts quickly inside the pandesal, their combined aroma just drives your craving even more. Dunking it in coffee makes eating more enjoyable and satisfying.

People still appreciate good old Filipino recipes such as the pan de coco, ensaymada and the mamon. Pan de Manila has made sure the tastes of these breads are as genuine as ever before and that prices remain competitive.

Service is quick and the staff are helpful. They also make sure what they’re wearing is complementary to clean and healthy service. In this review, we give Pan de Manila an A plus. We would fall in line every time just to bring home some delicious Filipino bread.

The Pan de Manila Menu


If you’re bringing home breads and delicious jams, Pan de Manila is the place to buy them from. They’re of excellent quality you’ll love them instantly.

1. Pandesal

Big, compact, tasty and soft, pandesal is at its best at Pan de Manila. With a perfect blend of mild sweetness and saltiness, this Filipino bread is perfect for breakfast and merienda. Dunking it in coffee or eating it with jam is perfectly delicious.

** Try the Pan de Manila cheese pandesal, yummy cheddar cheese is melted on top of the bread and when eaten, you’ll sense that the same delicious cheese is incorporated in the dough.

2. Pan de coco

A very attractive Filipino bread from Pan de Manila which is also very delicious. Inside the bread, soft grated coconut flesh is sweetened just right with brown sugar. It is baked inside old brick ovens just like the pandesal.

3. Mamon

One of the best sellers in Pan de Manila, the mamon is soft like sponge. It is yellow in color and the flavor is moderately sweet. One piece is often filling but because it’s so tasty, people confess they can’t help but eat one more.

4. Monggo ensaymada

An absolute must taste! This Filipino bread has ground and sweetened monggo incorporated in the dough. On top, margarine and shredded cheese enhance its flavor. We urge you to try this, it’s simply delicious

5. Pan de Manila Banana Bread

Try tasting this bread to find out why thousands of Filipinos love it. It’s rich with natural banana flavor plus its consistency is ultra soft. It’s naturally moist and once opened, the aroma just tempts you right away.

6. Pan de Manila Chicken and Pork Empanada

Two thumbs up in taste and price! This bread has a flaky crust housing delicious pork and chicken meat cooked like asado but tasting more delicious. The meats are generous in serving, many are truly appreciating this fact.

7.  Pan de Manila Cheese Sticks

These treats are teens’ favorites in Pan de Manila. Cheese is generously topped and melted on long pastries.

8. Pan de Manila Fruit Jams and fillings

Pan de Manila jams are excellent, customers always line up just to purchase these. At very reasonable prices, you’ll be very pleased with their genuineness.

  • Coco jam
  • Mango jam
  • Peanut butter
  • Herb Cream Cheese

Visit Pan de Manila and experience delicious Filipino breads cooked in a pugon. Pan de Manila is located in these areas:

Pan De Manila Robinsons Place, Novaliches

Pan De Manila Quezon City

Pan De Manila Waltermart Muñoz

Pan De Manila California Garden Square

Pan De Manila McKinley Hill

Pan De Manila Robinsons Cybergate 3

Pan De Manila SM City Bicutan

Pan De Manila Ever Gotesco Pasig