Tokyo Tokyo

Your craving for more Japanese dishes can be answered at Tokyo Tokyo. Here, you will be delighted with delicious tempura, tonkatsu and yakitori among many other cuisines. Have you got an appetite that can only be satisfied by large servings of rice? Well, this is good news for you, at Tokyo Tokyo, you can be able to relish delicious viands with all the rice you can eat! Now is that a great deal or what?

Tokyo Tokyo is an eating place that combines the elements of fast food and sporty restaurant. Here, you will be able to taste mouth watering Japanese dishes cooked and served in such a little amount of time. Unlike high end Japanese restaurants, Tokyo Tokyo lets you savor tasty dishes at prices that are within your means. It’s really a friendly place to dine especially for us Pinoys who value affordability and quality.

Tokyo Tokyo is a Philippine fast food chain that currently has 56 outlets in the Philippines. It first started its operation in 1985 in Makati and now has grown into a major competitor in the food store business. Its expansion is mainly attributed to franchising and today, Tokyo Tokyo outlets can be commonly located in popular malls such as SMs all over the land.

If you want a good deal of a Japanese meal, Tokyo Tokyo is where you should dine. Take a look at their menu below:

Tokyo Tokyo Menu

Listed here are some of Tokyo Tokyo’s best sellers and absolute favorites. All are affordable and truly delicious.

Tokyo Tokyo Bestsellers

Tokyo Tokyo

Served with vegetables and Eat-All-You Kanin (eat all the rice you can)

Beef Bowls

Always delicious, this Tokyo Tokyo item serves hot rice in a bowl topped with flavorful beef and vegetables

Mixed Seafood Tempura

These are yummy, selected seafood are battered, blended with spices then deep fried to perfection.

Pork Tonkatsu

These affordable Tokyo Tokyo cuisines are a favorite among kids and college students. Tender pork is breaded and deep fried but still are soft when done, you will be enjoying your unlimited rice with this viand.

Prawn Tempura

Crunchy and crispy outside but delicious and soft in the inside, prawns are battered and deep fried just the way you love them

Prawn and Veggie Tempura

Tempura has always been delicious and this time, it’s served healthy veggies

Best Chicken Teriyaki

Whew, this Tokyo Tokyo dish is awesome. Delicious boneless and soft chicken is cooked in a sweet teriyaki soy sauce that penetrates the deepest parts of the meat

Chicken Yakitori

You will be amazed with Tokyo Tokyo’s grilled chicken, this recipe makes use of bite sized chicken pieces skewered and grilled. The taste is a fusion of sweetness, mild saltiness and an unidentifiable deliciousness to it.

Honey Chicken Teriyaki

If you think teriyaki is delicious already, wait till you taste this. Chicken is blended with honey as it is cooked with teriyaki sauce, the result is an awesome flavor that is consistent up to the deepest part of the meat.

Fried Chicken Karaage

An absolute favorite of customers, this one will be yours too. Tender chicken is breaded and blended with rich and flavorful spices then deep fried in light oil. This is not your ordinary fried chicken for you will be able to taste some ginger / garlic and soy sauce.

Tokyo Tokyo Japanese Burgers

In food, size does matter and with these Tokyo Tokyo sandwiches, munching everything will be satisfying.

Shogun Burger

At a price under 100 pesos, you can savor delicious burgers blended with teriyaki sauce. This Tokyo Tokyo burger consists of a burger patty, cheese, breaded onion rings and very attractive sesame seeded buns

Shiitake Mushroom Burger

Beef patties are perfect with Shitake mushroom, they are a delicious combination.

Godzilla Burger

This Tokyo Tokyo burger is the best of them all. Get a load of 2 pieces premium beef patties (fuller, tastier than other patties), 2 slices of cheese and a zesty Japanese mayo sandwiched in buns with black and white sesame seeds. This is not your ordinary burger, the mayo is very different from other fast food stores and the cheese is just rich in flavor.

Would Tokyo Tokyo be worth recommending to friends and family?

If you’re craving for something Japanese tonight, Tokyo Tokyo will be a very good choice to make. Aside from its absolutely delicious meals, its prices are very much affordable you will be wondering how Tokyo Tokyo makes any profit. Entering the place, Tokyo Tokyo will make you feel so welcome, the whole dining area is just warm and modern and very stylish. The food is of course delicious and it’s a good thing they added burgers to their menu. If you’re the one who wants something different with burgers, their Godzilla burger is the one to take on. There’s something fresh about its flavor you too will be wanting it again and again.

Japanese food is rich and exciting and Tokyo Tokyo is definitely where to eat them. After dining here, the experience will just be wonderful it’s sure to leave positive impressions, one would certainly recommend it friends and family (we know this for sure because we’re recommending it to you now). For fast dining coupled with affordability and tastiness, Tokyo Tokyo will never fail.